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[Trans] YAMAHA and TVXQ! WORLD : The Raising Challenge Event

YAMAHA and TVXQ! WORLD : The Raising Challenge Event
written on 9th June 2008, at 01:05:24 AM.

Today (8th June 2008) at Central World, Bangkok, at around 16:00, Cassiopeians attended the YAMAHA and TVXQ! WORLD : The Raising Challenge event, sponsored by YAMAHA, SM Entertainment and 4Nologue.

The event started at 19:30 when Dong Bang Shin Gi members - U-know Yunho, Youngwoong Jae Joong, Xiah Junsu, Micky Yuchun and Choikang Changmin - walked onto the stage; Cassiopeians were cheering at the top of their lungs. Once seated the MC let them greet their Thai fans: "Hana, deul, set, sawasdee krub Dong Bang Shin Gi krub"

What do you think of "YAMAHA and TVXQ! WORLD : The Raising Challenge"?
Yunho : It's so nice to have such an big event organized for us, and we can really feel our fans' love. We're truly grateful for our fans' support since it's the very thing that got us (Dong Bang Shin Gi) here today.

How did you feel signing your autographs for Thai fans just now?
Junsu : It felt great! It has been a long time since we met our Thai fans at close range - we had eye contact and Thai girls are very beautiful.

How special are the items you put up for today's auction?
Yuchun : The items are accessories we wore when shooting pictures for photobooks. We like them and knowing that the proceeds will go to charity makes us feel good.

When you travel abroad, what do you do?
JaeJoong : Most of the time we talk, play and listen to music.
Yuchun : Normally, if we have free time, we'd focus on exercising and staying in shape.

If you had free time, where would you like to go most?
Yunho : Thailand for sure. So far, we've been coming here to work, so we'd like to go to Phuket and really have a holiday, all 5 of us.
Yuchun : Ah... and ride YAMAHA motorcycles touring all of Thailand!

We heard Jae Joong likes spicy foods, has he tried "prik-kee-noo" (Bird's Eye Chilli)?
Jae Joong : Yes, when we were shooting the commercial, there was a part where we were eating Thai food "som tam". That was when I got a taste of hot Thai food.

Last time Micky learned and used the term "phao" (burn). This time have you learnt any new Thai word?
Yuchun : "kod kan noi" "jub mue kan noi" (SCREAM!!!)

"kod kan noi" = let's hug
"jub mue kan noi" = let's hold hands
No wonder Micky won so many hearts this time ^^

After 'O'-Jung.Ban.Hab (in 2006), when are you going to release your next Korean album?
Changmin : We're now recording our new (Korean) album. We're putting a lot of effort in this 4th album and fans can look forward to it in autumn (September-October).

Let's play a game: There is one slice of cake on the table, you choose to eat
1) strawberries 2) plastic decorations 3) sugar/icing decorations 4) chocolate 5) wafer?
Junsu : Chocolate
Yuchun : Strawberies
Jae Joong : Strawberries
Changmin : Wafer
Yunho : Chocolate

After Dong Bang Shin Gi members made their choices, Cassiopeians sang Yuchun a be-lated (4th June) birthday song in Korean. Then YAMAHA executives brought out the birthday cake for Yuchun to blow the candles. This totally moved Yuchun who almost couldn't hold back his tears. And then, of course, Jae Joong pasted a bit of cream on Yuchun's cheeks - that brought out plenty of cheering from the fans!

Back to our game.
Yuchun and Jae Joong chose strawberries - very ethical, and will make no mistakes (or will do no wrong), whatever the situation
Junsu and Yunho chose chocolate - reasonable, strong sense of leadership, loves to control various aspects of things
Changmin chose wafer - romantic, and dreams of a happy marriage

After the game was presenting the auction proceeds, totalling 1,269,000 baht, to GREEN PEACE and Home for Children with Disabilities (Baan Nontapum).

Finally, Dong Bang Shin Gi members took photographs with YAMAHA executives and representatives of the two charity organizations. Before leaving the stage, Yunho said "Today we're really, really happy, because so many fans came to welcome us and we'd love to have more events like this in the future .... Your love has truly impressed me. I love you. (in Thai)"

Tomorrow, don't miss the very first opening of the new TVXQ! PHOTOBOOK, to be reported by PINGBOOK!!

Special Thanks: YAMAHA, 4NOLOGUE
Source Article: PINGBOOK
Translation credits: srisin @ TVfXQ Forever / srisin@soompi

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