Sunday, June 29, 2008

[NEWS] TVXQ Performs at Avex's 20th Anniv. General Meeting of Stockholders

TVXQ, one of the top male vocal groups in Asia, was invited to perform at Avex's 20th anniversary general meeting of stockholders at the Saitama Super Arena on June 22.

Some 8,910 stockholders and their families attended the general meeting to congratulate Avex on their 20th founding anniversary. The number of Avex stockholders this year increased by 2,800 compared to last year.

TVXQ, which has established itself as the face of Avex, was among the performers who performed at the event. They included singer and songwriter Noriyuki Makihira, TRF and seven-member dance vocal group Exile.

TVXQ is set to tour Japan as part of the 2008 'A-Nation' concert tour which will be held from July until the end of August. It plans to return to Korea in September with its fourth studio album.

Source: kbs global
Credits: ajumma @ dbsg LJ comm


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