Sunday, June 22, 2008

[ADVERT] Official European TVXQ fan club

Calling for all European DBSK fans out there!!

A group of German fans decided to make an European DBSK's fan club with the plan on sending an inquiry to SM to ask about permission and requirements to make our fanclub official. The whole thing is just at the beginning, we are still gathering members, thinking about the fanclub name. This is a calling out for all the European fans to join us. We already have members not only from Germany but from France, Spain, Romania, England, Russia and Poland as well and we would be glad to see more fans from other European countries. If you are interested in taking part of this please join us here:

We also already have the following sites/accounts of our own:
Youtube Channel:
Wordpress blog:,
MySpace account:
This is all to promote our project, although we're still currently working on them.

Also, we have started a petition Europe needs DBSK for DBSK to know that they have
fans in Europe too, not just in Asia and America. You can sign it here -
We invite all of you to our FanClub page here

I know it´s still a bit empty but with your help we can make it bigger.

Okay dear readers.. Support them if you're from Europe! Maybe DBSK be known to the world! ^_^



Anonymous said...

whoa cool an eurpean fan club.. its too bad im not european

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this^-^
I joined~

Anonymous said...

Hey ! I like the banner .Hee (: changmin & micky looks SO cool =P
Too bad im not from europe .haha .well ,i wish them all the best & hopefully the number of members join will reach er ...infinity !!! LOL


Anonymous said...

ohhh in europe??
they've got fans everywhere!!!

ohh any australian fans out there(other than me??)??

if sooo
go to

and we'll show dbsk that they REALLY do have fans from all over the world!!!

Anonymous said...

whoa.. it is true that they have fans ALLLLLLL over the WORLD.. probably the whole entire world

tsuki-chan said...

wow, there's european cassiopeians lol, too bad i'm juz half european(spanish) living in asia hahaha

Anonymous said...

Please leave a signature, comment, and location on this site in regards to the recent news of the disposition and in support of the group


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