Tuesday, August 26, 2008

[INFO] Top 20: Most Searched Male Artists on Yahoo! Japan (2008.01.01~2008.06.30)

Yahoo! Japan has released its 2008 Search Word Ranking for the first half of this year (2008.01.01~2008.06.30) and one of the categories they have listed is Most Searched Male Artist. The guys made it into the top 20. YAY!

01.) EXILE
02.) Arashi
03.) Yusuke Kamiji
04.) B'z
05.) Kobukuro
07.) Shuuchishin
08.) Kanjani8
09.) KAT-TUN
10.) Mr.Children
11.) GReeeeN
12.) AAA
13.) Yamada Ryousuke
14.) X JAPAN
15.) Sato Takeru
16.) Tohoshinki
17.) L'Arc~en~Ciel
18.) Oguri Shun
19.) Hey!Say!JUMP
20.) Sugiura Taiyou

Credits: quirky_love @ dbsg LJ comm
Source: Yahoo! Japan


rennie said...

good job dbsk!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised NEWS wasn't on the list. It's nice to see the DBSK is being seen a bunch of charts though, more publicity I guess. They need it after all that talk about Music Station.

farah aminuddin said...

i thought tohoshinki would be a top 5 =)

Anonymous said...

what great news..! go TOHOSHINKI..!!
it's great to know that they can compete with the japanese artists..!


Anonymous said...

they should be #1 since they're
the best group artist
no offence though
but yeAP!=]

Anonymous said...

haha .its gd to hear this piece of news . Congrats DBSK !!! (: Hwaiting ! Luv ya .


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