Monday, August 25, 2008

[MISC] Naoya Urata from Japanese band AAA Blogs about JaeJoong

From AAA's Naoya Urata's blog:


Rough English Translation:

Today I met a good friend!!
Tohoshinki's JaeJoong~!!

Oh~ He's an attractive guy.
And he twinkled~!!! (T/N: He means something along the lines of Jae's 'aura' sparkling)
JaeJoong is a very cool guy~!!!

Thanks to supervictoria64 @ dbsgLJ for posting :)

It's great to see the two budding together and Jaejoong lossening up to fellow Japanese company mates (note: they are under both under Avex), and its totally nice of Urata to post about how cool Jaejoong is ^^ Thats really what all us fangirls want to hear.

There was previously a female model who blogged about Changmin and Yoochun. Hope I can find it to post it up here for those who missed it. Found. See post below!


DBSK4ever [Lyss] said...

Wow!! Yay! Making friends over in Japan~ haha X3 Ahhh Jaejoong oppa looks super-hot there! His hair looks amazing! He is sparkling~ Doing that pose him and Yunho oppa always do! XD And loving the muscles! :D

t-chan said...

ooooh is this in japan right?
love luv jae !
luv dbsk!

Anonymous said...

That's so cute^-^
This guy is so nice posting a blog about Jaejoong~
I think Jaejoong is actually really comfortable to be with when you get to know him.

The picture: JAEJOONG'S LEGS! *drools*

Yami said...

"HE twinkled!"

Awww! Yea! Tohoshinki make more friends! TOHO-Friends!

crazypeach said...

Omo! That's so nice of him! Wish I can post my personal account with the guys too someday...I wonder when will that happen? LOL!

Anonymous said...

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