Monday, August 25, 2008

[MISC] Yanno Mikiko (矢野未希子) Blogs about Yoochun and Changmin

[PAST NEWS - June, 2007] Japanese model Yanno Mikiko's blog entry about Tohoshinki's Yoochun & Changmin:

7/7(月) 『steady.』※チャンミンとユチョンがモデル として登場!! new

At today's 『steady.』 photoshoot, I was able to meet Tohoshinki's Changmin and Yoochun! *sparkles*

The two were very kind and sweet and wonderful people, kya~! XD
As I don't speak any Korean, I was very relieved since they are also very good at speaking Japanese. :pp

During the shoot, the two of them wore suits, but I was very surprised to see the change when they put on regular clothes!!
They were very stylish *love for them increases!*

This will be released in 『steady.』's August issue! Everyone, please check it out~ <333>

Translation by: azurehook@LJ
Original blog entry:

Its nice to hear good comments about the boys from staff to celebs big and small.


DBSK4ever [Lyss] said...

Waaah~ they are SO adorable!! :D
Haha, she's so funny =P
I recognize her from somewhere, but the name isn't familiar...maybe I'm just thinking of Ahyoomee because of her smile X)
Ahh chubby Chunnie?? :O Looks a bit like it~ Who cares, atleast he looks healthy here :)
Yaaay! Go our oppa deul~ gooo~ :D Fighting~

Anonymous said...

heehee .I was SO happy when i saw this blog .My most fav 2 are been mention by other artists !Even she admires them ~~~

yehyeh !Yoochun looks a little chubby alrdy .I'm glad he is eating well (: But dun overshot this weight k !!! heehee .You look perfect like that ...


crazypeach said...

Oh my...I would have died if I was in her position! Those two are my most fave guys!!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!!! So lucky! Wish I was a model too. Hihi!

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