Saturday, August 09, 2008

[FEATURED] DBSK on Spanish TV Atena 3 + Rai.TV

They are the rising Gods of the East
Dong bang Shin Ki...
As know as TVXQ or DBSK, and in Japan as TOHOSHINKI.. 4 names for a group form by 5 koreans.
No one is more than 21 years old and since 4 years ago they're kinda the asian BSB.
They sing in korean and japanese but they had to translate their official website to english due their fame is starting to cross frontiers.
They began singing acapella in a christmas tv show in 2003 in which sang Britney Spears as well.. Such success even though they hadn't a disc avaliable and even so they got to have 2 songs in the top charts.
Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan, surrender under their feet.. They Sing, dance, make dramas and of course they start trends..
They are starting to talk about them in Spain, and in places like Peru the fanclubs are growing up in number
Watch out with Dong Bang Shin Ki...the almond shaped eyes pop is starting to come out from karaoke.
Translation & video credits: tvxqparasiempre

On Rai.TV Video - Click here to view

"Five boys at world's attaintment. They come from South Korea. They drive crazy thousands of girls and they take inspiration from Justin Timberlake. The group's name is TVXQ, four letters that stand for "The rising Gods of the East", as the leader explains. Their concerts are always "sold-out", on-stage they resemble the pre-eminently boyband Backstreet Boys. And like them, they want to be famous worldwide. And they're succeeding at it, in Italy they already have a fanclub. They have been singing together for 3 years, top-charters in their Country, they are famous even in Japan, where girls wouldn't miss a concert for any reason. The Korean super-group now is touring throughout Asia and for sure we'll hear about them."

Translation credit: kiraghira

LOL I am not sure where she got the part about them taking inspiration from Justin Timberlake, but pretty good nonetheless, won't you agree :D

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