Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Though very notorious in their own way, DBSK fans had always struck me as being the generous and keen to share. It's what inspired me to start DBSKer and the Archives. The selflessness in this fandom.

Today, this random reader of DBSKer Archives read about my Emergency Download Notice and offered to renew my MU Premium Account for an additional 2 MONTHS! OMG.. I really feel so overwhelmed at her kind generosity. Now all the files will be there for an additional 2 months!

So, ALL DOWNLOADERS READ HERE! I know alot of you drop me comments. I really appreciate the words of thanks and they truly encourage me. But this post goes to dreamideoyo @ LJ. She renewed 2 months of MU Premium for me and for all of us. What an angel...

Thank you dreamideoyo for helping us all in this fandom. Thank you so much for supporting DBSKer and the Archives. I thank you here on behalf of the Team and all readers/downloaders of DBSKer. We will work hard to make your contribution worth it. That being said, DBSK HWAITING!



Anonymous said...

Wow...what a nice thing to do. Thank you so much dreamideoyo!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

thats awesome!! thanks so much to dreamideioyo!!! and to u for keeping the archives going!!


tvxqslove said...

oh, really? i download videos on my free time...but when i heard that downloads will be deleted...i was so shocked:'( anyway thanks for all your hard work...and thanks for supporting the boys..:D :D :D
you guys are the angels you know:D

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! dreamideioyo, you're an angel!
And so are you lynn, for having this blog!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much dreamideoyo & lyn.
you probably have no idea how much this means to all of us here, especially me. this is how i first discovered dongbang and where i usually get updates.

thanks so much again!



Anonymous said...

thanks you so much dreamideoyo
because of you my love for the boys will always be there..
and thanks you also to lyn for have such a nice blog..
ur blog always make my day..

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