Sunday, September 21, 2008

[NEWS] Korea Top Favorite group TVXQ is finally going back home

There had been reports in Korea, starting from the 20th Sept, fans had been queuing at the City Hall Lawn, hoping to get the best seat to see their favorite stars.And it isn't just a small number of them. In fact, the queue had went beyond what the group and SM Company had predicted. Many were said to have started queuing 2-3 days ago. Despite of the rain that is going on now, fans still stayed in their place, just hoping to get the best seat.

After being away for a year and 7 months, TVXQ are officially back to their Korean fans with explosion. Ever since the release of their new title track, [MIROTIC] on the 19th Sept the said group had been on the top search on Naver, Daum and cyworld of Korea. this showed their popularity had never once dropped.

Korea Top and Favorite group, TVXQ is finally going back home.

The group is said to be performing on the 21st Sept, at the City Hall lawn at 7pm for their 4th album showcase. It's going to be a large-scale free show to the fans. Fans in Korea are getting all excited for this. SBS had reported that they would be broadcasting this Album showcase in early October.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, 2 days? That's amazing but not surprising considering it's the boys. Isn't the concert later this day since Korea is ahead of America?

Shira said...

wow.2-3 days and they dont even care if it's raining or what.sometimes it scares me.hehe.
but they are lucky to see the boys live. :)

Anonymous said...

NVM i shall wait for those marvellous fans to upload their fancams. :D


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited, and I'm not even going... ^_^ But waiting in line for 2-3 days before show? How do you use the bathroom, shower? That's ridiculous. I hope the boys have had plenty of rest. It's so's 7:25 am where I live, but it's already 9:26 in Korea. The show already happened! I hope it went well :)

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