Monday, September 22, 2008




Anonymous said...

Sorry...I'm still trying to calm my heart rate. ^_^

Anonymous said...

love the mv so much!!!
i`m really proud of them ^^

Anonymous said...

They are so wonderful!!! I love their new styles, especially the whole mostly shirtless thing! That's awesome!!!

Kyle said...

OMG! I love this video! It is sooooo awesome! Yoochun needs a new hairstyle though. This one isn't really working for him. lol^^ I love them all though. No matter what, DBSK keeps getting better.


Anonymous said...

Not my favorite song and not my favorite choreography, although neither are bad.

...and even if it were, the concept and the fact that the boys are smoking hot, however, completely makes up for any of that. My brain is completely shot due to lust. :P

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