Friday, February 13, 2009

[ANNOUNCEMENT] International Cassiopeia Pre-order Project

For all international Cassiopeians (ESPECIALLY Malaysian/Singaporean Cassies) wanting to pre-order THE SECRET CODE:

Please consider joining the International Cassiopeia Pre-order Project! You`ll be able to both support DBSK`s Oricon chart readings AND get them for a lower price! And of course, you will feel more secure placing your orders this way rather than with online vendors (:

Check out this post for more details, and leave a comment with the requested details if you`re interested!

If orders for The Secret Code go well, the CassioPoP will become a permanent, ongoing project so that Cassiopeians everywhere will always be able to support our favourite boys (: And for their Korean releases, any benefits gained will be donated to charity in the name of international Cassiopeians everywhere (:

Please spread the word to all the international fansites you know! FIGHTING! ^^

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