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[Trans] DBSK SHINE interviews, Part 5 - Yunho

Q: From the time you debuted in Japan until now, what is the thing that has made you the most happy?
A: As expected, the thing I was happiest about was being able to sing at Budoukan. This is because we really did our best, beginning when we came to Japan and performed on a really small stage, all the way up to Budoukan. Moreover, I'm really happy that our fans gradually keep increasing.

Q: I think this might turn into a conversation about "sadness", but when I was talking to you in the dressing room of Budoukan, you said even though in Korea you were really loved by so many people, when you came to Japan you felt lost and confused because you had to start all over again from zero as newcomers, right?>
A: But that became a good lesson for us instead.

Q: And so because of that, when you laid your eyes on Budoukan being filled by fans, weren't you all the more overjoyed?
A: That's right. But I don't cry even at happy times. I didn't cry at all even when we received a big prize in Korea. If you ask why, it's because I made a promise a long time ago. There are extremely painful memories of when I was a trainee.... When an uncle that I respected and really loved passed away, I had a really painful period of time. At that time I made a promise to myself. "In the whole of Asia, and the whole of the world, until I myself am able to become a human being I am satisfied with, I will never cry." But at Budoukan, I ended up crying a little for the first time (smiles bitterly). Seeing Junsu and Yoochun crying, I too........but I was really happy, standing in Budoukan. Because while singing and dancing, when I looked at everyone's faces, they had become one with us, and sang along for us with faces that seemed so happy. That was truly something that made me happy.

Q: That was really the best moment, wasn't it?
A: Yes. I always think, "I wonder if everyone who came listened to our music and was able to become happy." When I saw everyone feeling happiness, I was also able to be satisfied. Since in Budoukan everyone became one and seemed to be enjoying themselves. When I remembered the lifestyle we had ever since coming to Japan, when I thought about how we'd started on a small stage and were able to make it all the way till here, my heart welled up with all kinds of emotions.

Q: It was really a good experience, wasn't it? Now next, would you tell me about "anger"?
A: The thing I was most angry at myself about was injuring my leg and not being able to participate in "a-nation".

Q: It was last year, wasn't it?
A: Yes. The truth is it wasn't just "a-nation", but because I also couldn't participate in all kinds of events in Korea. Now I can laugh while talking about it, but at that time I was told by the doctor, "You might not be able to dance ever again. Your Achilles tendon is weakening, and it's a miracle you've been able to dance up till now." At that time, I really got so angry at myself that I beat my own leg. And I cried and cried and cried. It was such an important period for Tohoshinki, and because I wanted to be able to participate even if it was just a day earlier, from morning till night I played sports, I did physical rehabilitation exercises, I gave it everything I had!

Q: You're a strong-willed person, aren't you? Have you been that way since you were a child?
A: I have a personality where I definitely do things that I feel I want to do. Since a long time ago, if I start to concentrate on something just once, I really don't like it if I don't do it all the way till the end.

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i can't imagine yunho not ever being able to dance again!!
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