Monday, February 23, 2009

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Cassiopride

This is regarding the previously-posted International Cassiopeia Pre-Order Project.

An official community has now been started to assist Cassiopeians from all over the world in purchasing TVXQ CDs, official limited concert goods, etc for cheaper than other online stores and most importantly, have sales count toward the Oricon chart! It is a NON-PROFIT international fan effort - probably the first of its kind. :D

If you are from Singapore or Malaysia, you should definitely order via Cassiopride because you will be able to get it for a lot cheaper, as well as be able to meet up with other local Cassiopeians. Even better, the more people that order, the cheaper it gets - so spread the word!

Be sure to check it out: Cassiopride - an International Cassiopeia-TVXQ Support Project! (:

All orders for The Secret Code close on March 9, 2009 so place your orders soon!


Am0MiN05 said...

how much will it be?

NANA said...


I'm located in Melbourne, so should I order from Yesasia now with their limited edition or should I wait till they are released, and there might be other versions.


raerae0filo said...

Same here NANA~ the only place i can get DBSK things are from The Glen. It's pretty expensive though...So would YesAsia be cheaper? Or should i just pre-order from there?

Anonymous said...

I have never had any problems with and I have always received my packages in perfect conditon. It's all up to you but unless I trust someone with my money that isn't a company that does this kind of thing daily, then I will stick with Yesasia any day. That is, until I move to Japan and can buy everything there.^^

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