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[Info] Blog posts by Jaejoong's mom and sister

Translations of a few blog posts by Oh Seyoung, Jaejoong's birth mother (some pictures are CLICKABLE THUMBNAILS):

February 4, 1986, the day my other self was born, I love you and happy birthday
^On his third birthday, naughty Jaejun celebrated happily, along with umma's friends.

*The cake on the right was sent by fans and says, "Thank you for giving birth to Jaejoong."


From her latest entry:

The last time my son came to our house and talked to me he held my hand and said these words~ "Umma! Umma's really lucky... even your younger siblings are kind, everyone's so kind and it's great... In the future, when I get married and have children, it's fine even if they are unattractive, it's fine even if they aren't intelligent, but I really hope they'd be kind! ..."


080401 @ Fukuoka

Someone, Seyoung (mom) and Yoojung (sister) visiting Canal City in Fukuoka, where Tohoshinki was having a shoot

(Caption on picture)
In Fukuoka..
With Junsu oppa
and Jaejun oppa.. ♥

My beloved kids.. ♥ my other selves..


070827 @ a-nation

My children whom I love so much


More HQ version of previously-released Jaejoong and Yoojung picture:

Brother and sister who look alike in appearance... even their disposition is similar. Jaejun ah, I love you. ♥ Inside umma's heart you're a son filled with regret, admiration, contentment, and gratitude!

In your words, it does look like umma has been very lucky.
My children are all good.. ^^

You said it right?
Even umma's younger siblings are so nice so I'm lucky...
Yeah, even you and your noona are as expected all nice, and umma is thankful.. ^^
Let's do our service in society well and make it worthwhile while trying our best to live life with passion~
I love you.
My son and daughter.


Kim Sooyoung (Jaejoong's 8th sister)'s cyworld entry:

May 8, 2007

Today I found out...
Someone touched my purse...
It's awful...
60 manwon ($600)... that's really a big sum...
Someone took it.....ㅠ.ㅠ
That person... really... for a month... he'd be happy...
I was so sad I cried...
And the first person that came to my mind was JaeJoongie
Of course... family can never let you down...
When JaeJoongie first arrived home...
Because I was robbed... he bought me some meat...
I wanted to make pork bokkeum... kkk
I made it for JaeJoongie... kk
But in the end... since it was my first time making it...
In the end... JaeJoongie... he made it for me.........
It was really......... delicious.....
JaeJoongah... thank you... kk
This nuna will really... work hard...
That's why... kk you'll surely overcome Japanese (language)... kk
JaeJoongah... I love you......


Apparently Jae's mom has been having some problems with fans lately. :( I know there are a number of fans who hold their own views about Jae's family background and his adoption, but we don't know the whole story of what might have happened all those years ago, so as fans, who are we to comment? ^^

Credits to Kim Sooyoung @ cyworld and kroongho @ LJ
Translator's disclaimer: There might be errors in the translation, so anyone is free to point them out if found (:

P.S. Am the new contributor here (: Yoroshiku~ ^^


aya said...

Jaejoong has a biological older sister am i right? wonder where she is and hows her relationship wth their mother..

Anika Rin said...

this is touching very very touching.
i cried too.

Anonymous said...

So touching ^ ^
Jaejoong's mom seems just as loving and caring as Jaejoong-shi is.
All of them are so beautiful :]
Family love is the best love there is in the end!

~JoongieLOVEEE forEvER * *

-cryst- said...

im lost. is tat mum in the pic jaejoong real mum? so means the 8th sister in the pic is oso her daughter? o.O?

Duchessa said...

I love his biological family... I love his mom! She is a good woman ç_ç

Anonymous said...

thank you!!^//^
Jaejoong it's a pretty boy with
with the members of TVXQ (DBSK)>//<

Anonymous said...

jaejoong is a handsome boy

and the girl very like him

Anonymous said...

omg, i wanna be his sister too >_>

so lucky!! they are so cute as bro and sis... if only my brother were like that :(

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