Monday, April 13, 2009

[TRANS] Kindai May '09 [Jaejoong]

THSK released their 4th Album [The Secret Code] on the 25th of March. This time we’ll be interviewing their lead vocal – Jaejoong. We ask about what he’s doing recently, the album, and many other questions!

*Jaejoong reading [Kindai] diligently* Ah, it’s Uno-san!

--That’s right. Ah, right. You’ve performed with AAA at A-Nation, right?
JJ: Yeah, I really liked performing with them cause they were all so nice and funny. Ah, I know this person! Ah, I see this person often in dramas! *talking to himself while reading*

--So, Jaejoong. Let’s begin. Since this is another Jaejoong solo interview, I hope to see more of Jaejoong’s charisma.
*Interviewer gets ignored as Jaejoong continues reading*

--Jaejoong-san! Were you listening?
JJ: You said “Since this is another Jaejoong solo interview, I hope to see more of Jaejoong’s charisma.”, right? *laughs*

--Ah, so you heard me!
JJ: I heard you. THSK are always good at listening.

---[THSK] and not [Jaejoong]? *laughs*
JJ: Umm~ which one.. Perhaps both *laughs* Because Junsu often doesn’t hear things. *laughs* What are you going to ask today?

---Things like ‘Have you grown taller?’ *laughs*
JJ: Hahaha. That’s very detailed questionnaire *laughs* I grew. About 1cm since debut. Although I don’t think I can grow taller anymore. Oh, and I grew heavier about a month ago so I started training again and my muscles started getting bigger. But because Japanese staff and fans said they don’t like a muscular Jaejoong, so I stopped training so vigorously.

--- They said they didn’t like a muscular Jaejoong? *laughs*
JJ: Yeah, they said they didn’t like it *laughs*

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Credits: Sparkskey @ Livejournal

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-cryst- said...

i dun like the muscular jaejoong too. haha. changmin & yunho hv the feel for it though =P

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