Friday, April 24, 2009

Battle of Pop - Asia vs Asia

The Battle of Pop - Asia vs Asia is finally over. It created a bit of drama since the setup for it wasn't the best. In my (Kousei, Ayame a.k.a. Raven) opinion they shouldn't have made Big Bang and Tohoshinki go at it from the start, that was just a drama match waiting to happen. Most of the drama started once Big Bang lost and Tohoshinki had to go up against Super Junior. V.I.P. (Big Bang's official fan-club) were upset that they (Big Bang) lost, so they teamed up with E.L.F. (Super Junior's official fan-club) when Super Junior went against Tohoshinki. (Not sure if it's actually true that they teamed up, that might be a rumor, but judging from the gap, it might be true.)
Tohoshinki DID make it to the third round though, so congratulations to them.
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kris said...

if the rumor is true, then that is such a shame, those VIPs who did that are just disgraceful to other VIPs =[

catharine anrieke kosasih said...

I tought dbsk will won from super junior.
but I love those two.
so no problem who is win. :D

-cryst- said...


i totally forgot abt this poll.


dbsk lost to superjunior -.-

Anonymous said...

I think it's a rumour... cuz I'm an ELF (And Cassie too) and so far I heard nothing about VIP teaming up with us to fight against DBSK. It's just a poll anyway... it's not really important.

BELINDA said...

congrats SUJU.
<33 dbsk though.
i know there was some drama going on with VIPS & CASSIES, but with ELF fans..least likely. xD

Anonymous said...

First, gratz to SUJU on winning!
Second, DBSK Fighting!
Andd; I love them both so it doesn't really matter to me who won/lost [:

Anonymous said...

Well I was a little bit sad to know dbsk lost, but then oh well it's just a poll. For me and all the other dbsk fans, dbsk will always be the best! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not an ELF neither VIP but I still listen to SuJu & Big Bang & obviously I'm Cassie's. BTW, congratulation for winning ^__*. Whatever the rumours are, any of them deserve to win. SuJu came in the right place and at the right time. Hope all of them make effort to improve themselves and show to us their capability to success. Good luck to DBSK, SuJu & Big Bang for year 2009 ahead.

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