Tuesday, April 07, 2009

[Rank] The Secret Code: United World Chart

Source: here + ONTD
Credits: petiteun @ dbsg LJ comm


Tim said...

Holy crap!!! 3rd on the WORLD chart? Whoooo!!! Go DBSK!!!

However, the fact that Miley Cyrus beat them kind of makes me lose faith in humanity...Ah, at least it was only by about 20k, which isn't too staggering.

Still, the loss in humanity is great xD

Leyun said...

rughh darn Hanah Montanie grrrr we are only behind 2 copies:( but anyway thats really good^o^ our DBSK is 4th place on top 5 yayyyyyy way to go ^o^

Anonymous said...

Wow... FOUR on the world charts!?!?! EVERYBODY SAY FOUR!! "FOUR!!" ^^
I absolutely cannot believe Hanna Montana beat them... wow... just, wow....
But, Ayumi Hamasaki is number one in the world!?!?! WOO! That is just too too awesome ^^
And Tohoshinki number FOUR in the world... now that's an accomplishment... They should be celebrating to no end!

fifie said...

anyway...DBSK still no 1 in their fans heart!!aja2 Toho fighting!!

Jennifer said...

yeah! , im so happy for this:). they are dominating :). hehe . they worked hard.

Anonymous said...

oh my freaking good gosh.

hannah montana beats dbsk.
gosh. what's happening to the world .

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