Monday, November 20, 2006

Father and Kid

A pretty recent clip of Yunho and Junsu playing around with a Polaroid Camera in MNet Starwatch. Look how patient Daddy Yunho is with the stubborn little Junsu trying hard to act smart. Hehe... So absolutely adorable I wanna pinch their cheeks!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I can't watch this vid for some strange reason... is the vid still available? I really want to watch Junsu and Yunho!! Can you do anything about it?

DBSKer said...

Sorry but I think the user was suspended that's why the video is no longer available. But its actually a small part in MNet Star Watch Episode 1 where Yunho tries to help Junsu with the polaroid camera. I can give u a link but its Chinese Subbed. But I'll upload the full English subbed clip in the DOWNLOADS post later okay? You can download and watch its then.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I think it's awesome that you're keeping this site so up to date! I really appreciate it!

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