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To You - Micky Yoochun

Park Yoochun a.k.a Micky was dubbed the smiling angel of DBSK because of his loving smiles which flashes his oh-so-cute high cheekbones. I must admit that I'm ashamed of my first impression of him when I watched Rising Sun, Miduhyo and other MVs. On a first glance perhaps one might not think of him as good looking or attractive. Please don't get pissed other Yoochun fans if you disagree with me. Its purely a personal opinion and I have nothing at all against Yoochun. I adore him to bits. I really DO!

Yoochun first caught my attention when I watched Banjun Theatre - The King's Man Parody. It was then when I realised how adorable he was. His whole demeanour, from the random winks to the shy innocent smiles when he's embarassed, was like screaming "LOVE ME!". Yup... (*nods*) That was the kind effect it had on me.

Speaking of which, Yoochun has a really weird effect on me. Whether its the husky growl of his voice or his sentimental side, I can't explain it. But when he shows the soulful emotional look of his, it evokes feelings that makes me wanna give him a bear hug hoping whatever sorrows he may have would just go away. It was agreed amongst all the members that he is the most emotional one in the "ALL ABOUT TVXQ - Talk To You"s and expressed so clearly in his touching talk in YSMM (Click HERE to watch). Seeing Yoochun always smiling and up to mischief, you could hardly imagine him being sad.

Yes...the adorkable smiling Micky that never fails to make you smile or burst out laughing with silly antics. The romantic and expressive Micky that melts your heart with a deep voiced "Girl.. Let me prove that my love is real. I will give all my love to you." Being a composer/writer of songs, he most certainly has a way with words and the way he conveys them in his sorethroaty voice whether singing or speaking, buys me over for sure.


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Sher-Li said...

I love his cuteness during the 'I Love Show Tank;Ideal Girl'. When the hostess ask him, "Girls think I'm cute; yes or no?" He said 'No!' then flashes a cheeky smile before finally saying 'Yes'. ARGH! *meltssss*
His smile combo with his cute actions "Hey baby, I'm coming to you!" *dies*
And he's the way he says saranghae *hint hint* in a husky voice...... *dies again*

Izy said...

Aww this makes me sad. I realized that your entry was dated 2006, and it's now 2008! I should've found out about this site much earlier. :( But anyway, I would like to commend the contributors of this site for the very lovely work. :)

Now I'm giving my comment on this entry. Again, I totally agree with you about Micky. He's just not someone that would make a lasting impression when you first see him. I remember one time when the boys guested in Arirang, and Yunho was talking about the time when he and Micky went to this building and people started asking for Yunho's autograph only. It's a pity but If I were in that same building that day, I would have also probably done the same. Not because I don't like Yoochun, but because I just couldn't remember how he looked like. :(

However, I started noticing him during their Tri-Angle days. I just couldn't resist his husky voice and very expressive eyes. He's so adorable when he talks, especially when he does it in English. It's making me melt in cue. *gasps* And I hate to admit this, but hearing his sweet voice while he does that sincere, romantic look gives me that "I-really-wanna-be-your-girl" feeling. His emotional side gives me the impression that when he loves, he does it right. And yes, who can forget that "Girl, let me prove that my love is real..." while he does the piano? Awwww now it's making me really melt! *embarassed*

It's hard to think that Yoochun had a not-so-good experience in the U.S.. It might have been really hard for him to leave his young brother behind. And I really admire him for all the strength he's showing despite that fact. I've never seen anyone who loves his brother so much. (Yoohwan must be really blessed for having such a brother!)

Micky also has this smile that makes me really wanna hug him tight and never let go. I know that sounds really mushy, but that's really how I feel whenever I see his cute smirk. (I really don't understand why the other members, especially Jaejoong, always dub him for having the "greasy" looks!) He's just so adorable, because everything he does looks sincere. His laughter, just like Junsu's, is also contagious, always leaving me laughing to bits. (When it comes to being hilarious, I think he and Junsu make the best pair!) And yes, I also love his cuteness in The King's Men Parody. It's really priceless. :)

I also admire his dancing skills. He may not be the best among the five, but for some reason, I've always loved how he dances, especially in their Rising Sun and "O"-正.反.合 performances. His husky voice and that "robotic" moves just go well together. He projects really well.

And finally, what I really admire about him is his passion and dedication in composing. Just like Junsu who's dubbed to be a "poet", his lovely pieces of work are a classic. It's not hard to think that he'll make more wonderful compositions in the near future, and everyone will surely fall for all of 'em. :)

Oh by the way, to the author of this entry (Lynn, right?), it was such a sweet piece of work, really. :) I'm sorry if my comment was a bit long. I just really wanted to share my opinion about Yoochun. Hope it was okay. :)


P.S. I would very much want to help out in updating this site. If it's possible I really want to be part of the team as a contributor. I hope you guys would grant me the opportunity. :) Much thanks!

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