Sunday, November 26, 2006


Our beloved DBSK just walked away with FOUR Awards at yesterday's MKMF! I'm just so proud of their awesome achievement! HWAITING! Here's the list of the awards they won and some pictures during the event.

1. Award
2. Best Group
3. Mnet Plus Mobile Popularity Award

Red Carpet Pictures

credits: on the pic + BZ + Cyxion Forums

credits: bestiz + hseliz@ AF + yamarin@livejournal

Youtube Links to the Award Presentation

TVXQ at MKMF Red Carpet
Choice of MNet Award
Best Group Award
¨O¨ - 正.反.合 Performance
Mnet Plus Mobile Popularity Award
Best Artiste of the Year

credits: umxhm + badstar07 @ youtube

I read somewhere that poor Junsu was sick so he missed the red carpet event. But he was there later on to give a smashing performance. Hope he gets well soon!!


yoyoyozzz said...

i'm wondering if u can send me the video of their o-jung ban hub performance in the MKMF.. or is it possible to upload this vid? cos they look totally hot in this performance.. pls..

minlephant =) said...

TVXQ! Chukaheiyo~~~~
congrats to our dear boys who won 4 awards...=) And they made it again this year!!! yeay!!! TVXQ! FIGHTING!!!!
haha... i'm thinking that u should upload their pics when they were on the red carpet...all of them look really cool in suits...although poor xiah was not there because he was in the hospital at that time...
Like the background pic of ur blog...nice~~~keep up the good work ya,a-za a-za fighting!!!

DBSKer said...

YEAH! I heard he rushed to MKMF from the hospital right after he got the IV drip! Thanks for ur comment. I'll up the red carpet pics asap.

As for the O Jung Ban Hap Performance, I have it, but its 233MB. If you want it I'll up it somewhere but u gotta give me some time to upload it okay?

Anonymous said...

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yoyoyozzz said...

sure! i'm willing to wait for u to upload the performance.. i tink dat dbsk is totally hot! n i hope junsu gets well soon~~

yoyoyozzz said...

thanks a zillion!!! i've juz finished downloading and its of super high quality!! thanks alot!!!

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