Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Many Balloons

I'm really starting to wonder how many different costumes are they having for the performances of the song Balloons. As much as I love the cute costumes, its getting rather annoying that I feel the need to download all the performances. Ahh.. But what the heck, "O" Jung.Ban.Hup doesnt have that many cute and funny costumes but I still feel tempted to download all of them anyway. WAHAHAA...

What to do...DBSK's performances are SMASHINGLY AWESOME! Who cares about the fact that they lipsynched for some uptempo performances at some award show? We fans know absolutely well that they sing live wonderfully. Whether its an acappella number, a touching ballad or an uptempo song like Rising Sun and "O" Jung.Ban.Hap. Our boys pull them off with ease on numerous ocassions to show to the world that they are indeed the RISING GODS OF THE EAST! DBSK HWAITING!

Well, with that said, I'm trying to compile a list of all their Balloons Performances. Here they are. For the MV and Lyrics, click HERE.

Balloons @ Xman - 5/11/06

Cartoon Characters (Panda, Dinosaur, Ladybug, Piglet, Dalmation) - 12/11/06

Snow White & 7 Dwarfs - 18/11/06

Smurfs - 19/11/06

Peter Pan - 26/11/06

Xmas Outfits
Black & White @ Love Concert - 9/12/06
Red & White @ Music Core - 9/12/06

Super Mario - 10/12/06

Harry Potter Concept - 29/12/06

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