Sunday, December 03, 2006


WAH! I spend the weekend away from home and missed the whole piece of news! THEY WON THE DAESANG at the 16th Seoul Gayo Daesang Award (Seoul Music Festival Award! Aren't the boys just AWESOME! CONGRATULATIONS once again!

DAESANG: Dong Bang Shin Ki

BONSANG: Dong Bang Shin Ki, Son Hoyoung, Shim Seunghoon, sgWANNABE, MC Mong, Baek Jiyoung, VIBE, Turtles, Jang Yoonjung

MOBILE POPULARITY AWARD: Super Junior, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Kim Yongim

Daesang is the award of best song, artist of the year. It's the most important award out of the whole year representing popularity, best song etc. Bonsang is a rank lower than daesang. So i guess you can say that if daesang is the gold then bonsang is the silver. The winners of the Bonsang will then 'compete' among themselves to see who is the winner for Daesang (credits to: yingling + love*knots @ AF)

Some Pictures at the Awards. (will update more asap)

Credits: DBSK Gallery@AF + Cyxion Forums + BZ

Watch TVXQ at the MTV Seoul Music Awards

Mobile Popularity Award
O-Jung.Ban.Hap Performance
Winning Daesang + Ending - Part 1 ~ PART 2

credits: umxhm @ youtube

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Left Hand Swing said...

I am very happy to know that they obtained so many proud of them...n poor Micky, he cried again.hehehe

My comments about this blog is that it is quite updated ( for me )

The photos uploaded are nice...(Slurp..Saliva trickling down )

thanks a lot.hehe

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