Friday, December 01, 2006

Junsu at MKMF

I found this on AsianFanatics and thought I'd share my sympathy for Junsu by posting this here. I feel so sad for him and yet so awed by his determination and dedication. Watching the fancam of him during the "O" Jung.Ban.Hap performance at MKMF, you could see what an energetic smashing performance he put up. Look at the picture below which just shows how fatigued he was. This was from MKMF EPISODE 2 - TVXQ cut. Seems that he was in that position for quite awhile. Junsu...Please take care of yourself..

credits: jaeho_saranghae@AF

Anyway, here's the translated article.

It says that on Saturday (I guess the day of MKMF) Junsu was a lot more sick than what was said.
His blood pressure was down to 70.
The hospital told him to stay off stage...
Even his mom told him to not perform that day...

But Junsu said "Mom, I can't... My fans will be there and I don't want to disappoint them. And we endured a lot this year so I want to be there when the award is presented... I want to accept the award"

And because of his low blood pressure they warned him that going on stage might be excessive for his heart.... and the shot that he got was not just a shot for his 'cold' but it was actually some kind of really strong pain-killer (if more than three shots are taken, the body will not be able to handle it)

credits to canityo@bjj + kimii @ af

I found a clip which sorta focused on Junsu's condition from youtube. Watch it below. Yoochun says he misses Junsu! YOOSU! It was kinda cute at the end when they did the "Hwaiting, oh..YEAH!" and Yoochun did Junsu's part and imitated his laugh. So Adorable..

credits: beckii00

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yoyoyozzz said...

oh dear.. junsu please take care of youself!! we fans here cant bear to see u suffering like dat.. get well soon!! =D

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