Sunday, December 10, 2006


Its really sad to see them falling sick one by one. Not that I'm cursing another member to get sick. Its just that at the rate their going, I feel that its really only a matter of time. As the title of the post suggests, its Yunho this time. Here's the Article.


attention: this message has not been translated from the
original language

good morning, afternoon, night
the people who are always with them (JiniChun's note: i dont know
them o.o)

Yoonho's very sick
Since 1 month he's got a cold
Yesterday at
the Sponge Filming, he didn't want anyone
to notice it,
because of that, he
was smiling, but truly
he was very tired.
He had
high fever, and
and yesterday after going back to the hospital
they started to
Sponge. When he was at the hospital, at night he
couldn't eat
even now.

Though he was at the hospital,
he decided to go
out today,
for practising the dances and songs.
Being hospitalized, he
was sent to another room,
for him to rest
better, but yoonho
righ now,
doesn't want to accept the fact he's

Even though he's sick, he
denies it, and says he isn',
that he isn't a baby for being said how to eat
and when.
He's very
tired as well because of all those performances
had these days.

As all of you know, they'll perform at a surprising
because of this, i guess, yoonho won't attend,
he doesn't
want to accept
it, because it's very hard for him
to accept the fact he's
sick and he
won't be able to make it,
he won't attend, and he'll be resting
at the
hospital though.

Now, he sees the situation in a better way, and
seems to know
the reason of why he won't attend.
He can't eat
like a baby,
he's exhausted.
Please, like this, being at
the hospital,
he rests well,
please take care of him.

Credits: DongHaeng/
Nomang / Tri-Angle Forums
Translation korean-spanish: kandy0206@Tri-Angle
Translation spanish-english: JiniChun (Miku) @Tri-angle forums / Soompi

Dear Yunho, Get well soon. I wanna see a genuine heartfelt smile of
yours cos I love it so much. Its pains us all to see you tired. We at DBSKer
wish Yunho a speedy recovery and a return of the wonderful smiles.

The Many Smiles Of U-Know Yunho

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