Thursday, December 21, 2006

To You - U-Know Yunho

U-Know Yunho, the respected and capable leader of DBSK. Finally the long awaited post dedicated specially to the dedicated person you are. If I had to pick one member in Dong Bang Shin Ki that I respect and salute it would definitely be Yunho. Sure, the others are a dedicated hardworking bunch of people too. But I feel that Yunho handles his responsibilty as the leader very professionally, for a guy his age. Therefore the credit goes to him here.

For instance, in interviews, when being asked questions, the other members will be busy crapping away talking nonsense and giving hilarious answers. Yunho will then jump in to save the day or rather, the other members with his polished and sensible answers.

Not only that, Yunho seems to always take care of them. He acts like such a daddy to all of them, showering his patience and care. As in a few posts back, Yunho helps Junsu with his polaroid (Click HERE for related post), he worries that they fall sick, he gives encouraging words and acts cute upon request, just to entertain them. DBSK's care for each other has never failed to amazed and touch me.

Yet though he worries for others, misfortune has hit him only too many times. Recently was the fainting from overwork (Click HERE for related post). And to name a distinct one, the super glue incident will definitely be etched in our memories. But, Yunho however chose to be forgiving and understanding. A truly noble and professional guy.

Being leader, he has always put forward his serious and professional side. As much as I admire that character of his, I miss his "cute" moments. We all know that he's capable of being just as cute, adorable and mischeivious as the others but often times, it is probably suppressed to portray a cool and stable image. I miss those little crooked teeth he used to have. I know I've posted this picture in an earlier post, but I can't help posting it here again as it is my favourite picture to portray his happy smile and cute teeth.

Could almost kick myself for forgetting this part. No Yunho post can possibly be complete without some high praise on his awesome dance moves. A good example would be the solo dance at the start of O Jung.Ban.Hap MV which he personally choreographed. Whether executing choreographed moves or just plain free style, Yunho does them with a confidence and flair not many can match. Just watch..

U-Know Yunho.. Take good care of yourself and Dong Bang Shin Ki. We're counting on you to be healthy and safe for that. Finally, I salute you for being the BEST LEADER ever. Saranghae!

For more pictures of U-Know Yunho, click HERE.



Anonymous said...

Yay! Cute teeth!!! GO YUNHO!

Anonymous said...

hi lynn! i'd have tot dat ur a yunho's gurl first then xiah.. hehe.. but alas ur xiah's gurl 1st.. hehe.. anyway.. i presume ur a malaysian citizen yes? cool!
den when DBSK do make their way dere.. can u share the awesome news wif me? hehehe.. hope to be keep in contact wif ya! ive included my youtube url.. thanx!
spread DBSK sarang!
awesome dedication!

DBSKer said...

I'm guessing your a yunho fan then. Hehe.. I love yunho to bits but Junsu does comes first. Actually I'm surprised that ppl actually read this junk i write. LOL.. Will surely share any news of them here in DBSKer. Visit often!


Anonymous said...

hihi.. im grinning. can u sense it? yup.. yunho top d list.. followed by the other dong bang boys.. hehe...
ure surprised? y?? i'm actually lloking forward to u mayb including jaejoong and changmin.. u will rite? hehehe...
no way wad ur writng is junk! it whows ur dedication to dem! awesome.. hehe..
and now we're youtubers friends.. yeay!

DBSKer said...

YAY! Hehe..though I don't have much clips uploaded. I'm also more of a Yoochun + Yunho person. But Junsu is ALWAYS first. LOL. I'm growing fond of Jaejoongie these days. As soon as I have the brain juice to write about the other two, I will.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

let d brain juice flow naturally when it's ready to be squeezed out w/o force.. hehe... hmm.. they seem ververy busy.. after their seoul concert.. they're back in Japan again? hope that they still have some time off for winding down...
they're just infintely awesome together... DONG BANG SHIN KI.. hwaiting!

DBSKer said...

Yeah.. They'll be in Japan for the next few months promoting their new album I guess. But things have been pretty quiet of late. I've been busy myself, so even if I have the brain juice, I don't have the time. Dedication posts take up loads of time and effort. But if it didnt take up time and effort it wouldn'tbe called dedication posts I guess.. Hehe..

Uh huh..They're absolutely awesome together. HWAITING!!!!

Anonymous said...

hehe. dedications posts.. cool term! ur dedication is evidents.. no contest about dat lynn! hehe... i hope that DBSK will come out wif a new K mv.. they only have balloons n o-jbh from their 3rd album.. all the a,b,c,d versions yet only 2 mvs from d album? sigh.. hehe.. hmm... for me.. either i'll be there or on & on would be great! hehe
hpe ur not too bus to not think of dbsk ya! take care! hehehe

Anonymous said...

hey lynn!
dropping by to say kamsamhida for the posts and all! hwaiting!

enchanting said...

Hey Dbsker, thanks for the entries on the members. I truly agree with you. I love all of them to bits and i really cannot choose a favourite. But Yunho truly stands out. Sometimes i wish he would let loose. He always acts too perfect because he is the leader. And he is really a nice person. I wish him all the best because he deserves it!

Izy said...

Aww.. this piece is so hearth-warming! I couldn't thank you enough for such a lovely post about Yunho, and the two other boys! Again, it's such a pity that I was only able to read this post now. I've made my comments about Junsu and Yoochun already in your previous posts, and I wanted to give another one for Yunho. This time, it'll be a bit shorter. :)

Everything you said about our dear Yunho is true. His skills as a leader is definitely incomparable. He do acts as the "daddy" of the group and really takes good care of each of the members. I must say that without Yunho and/or all the dedication and discipline that he gives to the members, DBSK wouldn't have probably gone this far.

He seems to be the manliest among the group, and because of that, his charisma is different from the rest. I remember when Jaejoong said in a Bigeastation episode that if he'd have to marry one of the boys, it'd be Yunho because he feels like he's always safe when Yunho's around (awww ain't it sweet?). I totally agree with Jaejoong, Yunho's charisma also gives me the feeling that he'll really protect you and fight for you if you were his girl.

He may not be the best singer among the five, but his voice is also pretty good in its own special way. His rapping and dancing skills are beyond average too, as he expresses his adlib part and choreography really well.

As he has matured a lot now, I'm also missing that cute little Yunho with his old crooked teeth. He looked so carefree back then. But I also adore the Yunho that everyone looks up to these days. It's just cute how he plays around and acts funny with the boys. His hosting skills (we've already witnessed them for a couple of programs like Star King and Line Up) is also good, isn't it? He's one amazing person.

Anyway, Lynn, you're a Xiah fan too? Aww that's soo cool, 'cos I am too! Well, actually it's a tie between Xiah and Yoochun. I love Xiah's charisma, while I go crazy over Micky's adorable mushiness. Aww these boys' voices and sense of humor, I soo love too! I really can't make up my mind! *laughs* And then, Yunho comes next. :P Anyway, I hope you can make a "To You... Jaejoong and Changmin Version" soon. I'll look forward to that one!

Until then,

Anonymous said...

Hi DBSKer ! i read this series before last year but im now reading them again .Quite disappointed to not see Changmin & JaeJoong To You part .Its been 2 years alrdy since u last wrote abt yunho .I hope u did not used up all yr brain juice for the 3 of them .haha (: But realli ,i hope to see changmin & jaejoong part up soon .I realli wanna see how u feel abt them .I juz love yoochun & changmin !!! =P

Anw, again this is still the best site abt DBSK . Thank You for taking your time off to do this site .I realli admire how much effort u have put in (:


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