Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Xiah Junsu!

Its today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNSU! All the best wishes from all of us here at DBSKer. I think yesterday's Daesang Award must have been a great birthday gift for Junsu. Nevertheless, what I would really wish for him would be a good rest. A week maybe.

I really hope the management will allow them sufficient time to recover and rejuvenate before they all collapse from exhaustion. It just breaks my heart to see them sick. Thankfully I read somewhere that they had the day off and some of them even went for a movie. I really hope they'll get more rest days in the future especially Christmas.

Well, I dunno if many of you have observed this fact. But I'm a Junsu Fan here. I sometimes feel that this blog is pretty biased. I totally apologised for that but I can't help myself! Haha... So in conjunction with Junsu's birthday, I'm in a mood for a picture posting GALORE of Junsu. Bear with me ya? HAHAHA..

Click HERE for the Junsu Picture Post

To End the birthday greeting I'll post 2 videos here. The first one is Xiah singing Resignation at the Rising Sun Showcase. The song was so sad, that I was moved to tears. The second one is a more recent performance of what I call the flashlight/laser dance at Heroine 6. Enjoy!



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mytoes said...

i love the fact that u are a junsu fan! because me too! and i get to see many many junsu's pictures here:D

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