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2007.10.28 Press Conference in Korea

From: Daum, translated by sarah @ baidu, cynsin @ soompi
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Dong Bang Shin Ki held a press conference after the "TVXQ The 2nd Asia Tour Concert "O" Seoul Encore' on the 28th.
When asked their feelings upon achieving first on Japan's Oricon charts, they said of their feelings at the moment, "We didn't believe it, to say the truh we thought we would only get second."

They even said, "Of course, it's also very outstanding to be at number two, but we really didn't think that we will get number one, we heard the news when we were taking jacket photography for a single and were too happy to go along with the predetermined concept for the shoot, we were very happy. if you see the photos carefully you can see our delight."

Dong Bang Shin Ki will be leaving on the 29th after three days of the concert for activities in Japan. They plan to go to Malaysia on the 24th of November, Thailand on the 15th and 16th of December, and will be going to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong early next year for the concert tour.

Questions and answers:

-Feelings upon returning to Korea for concert
"Using Korean in our country is the most comfortable, there was also great response, it was very good to be able to converse together with the fans."

-Heard that you met the five-man group Backstreet Boys, what was the content of the show?
"We met Backstreet Boys on the program "Music Fair", they asked us how long do we intend to stay together as a group, so we said that we would like to continue to stay together. They are also working hard as a group and are very happy to meet Asian groups, and complimented us saying our voices are good."

-Happenings upon going to France for photoshoot
"We never thought that people would recognize us there, but there were 30-40 fans welcoming us at the airport and made us rather shocked, furthermore there were some afro-americans holding placards and cheering, which shocked us. After the 5-day shoot there were close to 100 fans at the airport, the staff at the airport have also begun to notice us and take an interest. The students at the school where we shot at have also heard songs from our album, they liked "Hey Girl" and "O Jung Ban Hap".

-How is U-Know Yunho's back injury
"The injury came from the waist, the lumubar vetebrate. The management did not allow Yunho to go on stage at first, but because we haven't done activities in Korea for a long time, we were afraid that the fans might be disappointed
if they don't see us together. So we have continued to perform this three days despite the ache and pain."

-Future plans for activities include..
"For the short-term we will be focusing on Japan activities, and also will be attending activities in China and Taiwan for the Asian tour. We will be going to Japan on the 29th and releasing a new single on the 14th.
There will also be publicity activities with Koda Kumi. Now we don't need a translator in Japan and are able to communicate, and many Japanese know us, so we haven't been going out too often."

Credits: Cysin@Soompi

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Lina said..., the SM-bashing has got to stop since it was YunHo's wish to perform for Cassiopeia. Sometimes, I think it's pretty stressful performing for Cassiopeia. xD

Oooh..So the O-Concert does not end till next year? Then, those rumors of 4th album release would be untrue coz where would they find time to tour China AND Korea? Well, they did it with Japan so..the possibilities are still there. OK..I'm ranting blankly now. Thanx for the info!

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