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TVXQ Asia 2nd Tour Concert Malaysia (Contributors’ Account)

So we bunch of gals from the DBSKer Team went to the Malaysian leg of the 2nd Asia tour Concert 'O' together. An account from our contributor, Sherli's point of view.

#Finally the long-awaited day had arrived! TVXQ in KL!!! Arrrgh!! We’re walking on the very same soil!! *imagines as she drools*

We reached the stadium about 4.45pm and were shocked by the sea of red there. Thankfully Lynn managed to convince me to get that RED shirt at the last minute. Saw some of them cos-playing with tiger ears, rabbit ears and one even came as a vampire who had forgotten to wipe the bloodstain of the side of her mouth. Nevertheless, we joined in the fun and wore red and even bought ourselves red balloons too. It was overwhelming when we got there, we could feel the tension as they were eyeing the gates waiting for them to be open, crowds of them had started gathering even before 2pm. My goodness, and it’s blistering hot out there!

The sponsors had stalls set up near the entrance to the Pit Zone selling their merchandise (TVXQ and S.H.E’s LG engraved mobile phones, DVD’s, etc.) and there was a mobile Green Box Karaoke van. They were playing some S.H.E song causing the crowd to boo at them. Thankfully they got the cue and played O Jung Ban Hap instead, which spurred a great response. The fans delightedly went crazy and sang along. This is the tremendous power that TVXQ’s Malaysian fans possessed. FEAR US!!

The gates finally open at about 6pm and the fans went hysterical and were struggling with the gatekeepers. They ended up shouting at us for being pushy, insane, and impatient, like HELLO! You expect like a few thousand of us to fit through that one puny gate of yours and you had like FOUR gates and yet you only opened ONE! FREAKING NO-BRAINER!!

We had to push and massacre those in our way through the bottle-neck of BO-swarming-crowd and when we finally got through, it was like ‘Victory! I made it out ALIIIVEE!! Wait, I need to breathe!’ Songs of SM’s artistes like Super Junior, CSJH, SMTown were being played and this one particular song which got the crowd hyped was Super Juniors’ ‘Don’t Don’. After some time, two white MPVs came speeding into the stadium at around 7.30pm and the crowd went into hysterical hyper-active mode trying to catch a glimpse of the boys getting out of the car.

The concert finally started at about 8.30pm with the war siren blaring and the crowd went into frenzied screaming and yelling. The performance started with ‘Phantom’ and ‘Million Men’. Yunho stood behind at first whilst the rest danced and sang. He only walked up to the front to sing/perform his part before slowly, if not forlornly, returning backstage. It sure was heartbreaking to see Yunho hurt and not being able to dance. Most of all, for not being able to participate in presenting to Malaysia the awesome ‘Fab Five’. Nevertheless, his brief appearances on a rock-like-platform now and then, only encouraged the fans, who gave tremendous support in return each time he appeared.

It was awesome to finally get to see the boys perform live in person. So near yet so far!! They had underwater effects where they tried to save a drowning girl. It was hilarious somewhat, as he dropped her halfway just to save her again, and the boys appeared performing ‘One’.

Their solo performances were awesome as Junsu performed the self composed ‘My Page’ and did a little fan-service by having water pouring down like rain onto him as he danced away. But he slipped twice while performing on stage; the other was during O’Jung Ban Hap, which got Lynn like awfully worried. But with each slip he managed to bounced back like it never happened. Junsu, take better care of yourself!

Yunho’s solo performance was amazing as he appeared from under the stage dressed in military wear and he was throwing papers everywhere. Wow…. Awesomeness!! But he did not rip off his shirt which made April a little sad. He changed three jackets, neatly dancing in and out of them each time. JaeJung’s solo, ‘Crying’ sounded very much nicer than in the Concert CD. I was a little worried on whether JaeJung could still do his whistle registry as like he does back in Hug days. But he had proved himself by doing it during ‘Miduhyo’ performance though not as lengthy as the last time. Yoochun’s delivery of One Last Cry was convincingly moving. Perhaps it’s the effects of his voice. Changmin’s solo was also well delivered and presents a different mood with props and lightings.

Zhang Li Yin performed ‘Tri-Angle’ with them which brought us to the ‘Timeless’ performance with Junsu. She sounded much better now than she did when she had first debuted. At one part after a song, Junsu said, “Very Hawt-teh!’ then the rest joined in, ‘Very very Hawt-teh!’, ‘Very Hot!’!! It was uber cute-ness!!

During Balloons performance, they came out in cute little buggy airplanes and were driving round the stage area. Yunho was speeding crazily around the stage! Someone should've given him a ticket! Chang Min had difficulty controlling his as he wanted to enter an area and realized that his buggy will not be able to go up the stairs therefore he reversed and tried to enter the main stage but he ended up turning at a wrong angle and kind of got himself stucked somehow. But he managed to come out and join the guys for the next performance which was HiYaYa! Yoochun was the last to step out of his buggy plane and he was being really Ki Ub Tah!(Cute) by standing up and down in his little buggy until he got to the main stage. There was a lot of Yoosu! Jaeho never failed us and there was even YunChun! I had a feeling that Changminnie was being a little shy…hhmmm..

As for the fan event, it was sad to say that we didn’t think it happened. I dunno if we were too far away to pick up the cue or what not. The TVXQ cheer never happened during the O Jung Ban Hap and Hug. ‘I’ll Be There’ was never sung at all, or either people in the Pit Zone sang really soft so the whole crowd did not get any cue to start. Perhaps everyone was just too drowned and lost in the magic delivered by the boys in their song and movement, to even remember what their own names were. What more pre-planned cheers. ^_^

Nevertheless, the concert ended after a whole 2 and a half hours. Even so we felt like time flew really fast. We SO did not have enough of TVXQ! Their cute “Bai bai!” was still ringing in our ears. Even so, most of us left the concert with a big satisfied smile on our faces. Proudly swinging our red balloons as we returned to our hotel, it’s just like saying,
“Urineum, Dong Bang Shin Ki (f)pans imnida!!!”

Fan Account by Yours truly,
DBSKer Team


DBSKer said...

I noticed you conveniently omitted your name in the account dearie dear.. LOL.. So I interfered stuck it in. WAHAHAHAHA.. Another thing I realised is, THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER FREAKING FAN ACCOUNTS OUT THERE! I mean like, what's ours man.. Its so dumb.. I don't even know if I wanna begin reading them. Yikes.. Talk about competition.

Dottie said...

Hi ladies,
Thanks for the fan account, I love al of them so please don't sell yourself short...

I just a little sore that i paid top bucks and the boys spent more screen time in the extended stage...

I also felt that they were a littel distant...

Oh well, great show nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

oh and yunho did wrip his shirt ahaha,the dancer wriped of his shirt,remember?
btw i really misssed themmm,but im glad i get to see them really really close!! YEAYYYY:DD

icyyumi said...

Hey I did shout the cheer during 'o' jang ban hap!!Though I cant hear cue from the pit zone I juz started by myself after let's do this!

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