Sunday, November 11, 2007

Modest Junsu.....

Top Star Tablo and Xiah Junsu "When we were chosen for AnyBand, we thought it was a joke." Both of them revealed their thoughts at the Seoul Premiere of AnyBand Music Video today 1pm.

Dong Bang Shin Ki's member Xiah Junsoo expressed " I could not believe that i was being chosen as the spokesman. I had thoughts of 'Why me of Dong Bang Shin Ki?'"

Xiah Junsoo continued "Because i am not good looking and not confident of myappearance, that is why i can only concentrate on the music side".

After the sucess of AnyClub, Anymotion and Anystar, AnyBand is the fourth project, starring Boa, Tablo, Xiah Junsoo and Jin Bora, and it had attracted much attention and concern from the beginning.

Credit: sHaziEe@soompi, sHaziE@Purely Soulmate Forum (english translation) + 爱上耗子滴猫猫@HB允浩家族(chinese translation) + starnews (source)


Anonymous said...

i never had a favorite member til now~ oh junsu~~ =)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where else to put this, so i'll tell you here. You may or may not already know already, but DBSK has an official MySpace which is updated by the boys themselves. The link is

However, the non-official DBSK MySpaces are more popular >.< and they as the official want to be the most popular. They are asking us fans for help.

I hope that this request isn't to much of a hassle, but could you please post up the link so that others could see it?

here it is again:

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but please disregard my last post about the MySpace. I was wrongly informed, and it should have been obvious to me that it's a fanmade.

Anonymous said...

ahh junsu you are not not good looking!

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