Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thailand - YAMAHA CF Filming

Sorry.. Not the actual CF. Just something I though you all might be interested in reading. Some minor details were cut off here and there. But the gist of it is probably still very much there. The words in italic are the fan's comments

Fan Account of the boys in Thailand for the YAMAHA CF

November 9th, 2007:

"The boys were riding motorcycles. Jaejoong was the first one to ride one, with Junsu on it. And at the same time, he was teaching Yoochun how to ride it (- - ||| JJ, do you know how to ride a motorcycle? you're even teaching micky baby to ride one? ... take care of Junsu, don't fall).

After the shoot, it was around 5pm. They went to a restaurant named "MK Gold", and ate the Thai-style Sukiyaki (some kind of beef hotpot). Everytime the fans start screaming, Jaejoong gets shy (>< you still get shy? I thought you'd be used to it already - -). They dined for about an hour, and returned to the hotel thereafter, and they went for a massage! Jaejoong changed out of his boots, and into sneakers, a lot of fans said he looked beautiful/gorgeous and was very fashionable."

November 10th, 2007:

"At approximately 7:30 in the morning, Yunho, Yoochun and Junsu headed off to the Imperial Queen's Park hotel to carry on with the shooting of the CF, at this time, Jaejoong and Changmin were still asleep (what good life). At approximately 10:30, Jaejoong and Changmin left the hotel to go shoot the CF.

The whole process [of shooting the CF] ended around 5pm, and they were riding the motorcycles again, but Jaejoong wasn't riding one today. When the car came to pick them up, Jaejoong sat at the last row. He drew back the curtains and smiled and showed us a 'V' sign. Then, the boys went back to the hotel to check-out.

Then, they went to a restaurant by the river -- Buritara. Their reserved seats were by the river (they won't fall right..). Jaejoong was the first one to get down from the car and he looked very excited. Yoochun also smiled and waved at the fans. The Thai fans were really happy.

The boys ate a lot. And somewhere in the middle, Yunho started bleeding from the nose (I was thinking it must be the weather...), so he went to the bathroom and Jaejoong followed. At this instant, Jaejoong wasn't wearing his jacket anymore, but only a black sleeveless tank (muscles, ah, muscles~).

While eating, Jaejoong, Yunho and Junsu talked about a lot of stuff.

When they left, they waved to the fans.

Then, the boys got to the airport and did some shopping at the duty-free.. place.. thing. Jaejoong bought a lot of stuff. When he had to pay for it all, Jaejoong patted the wallet in his pants, telling his assistant, who was beside him, that he didn't have enough money (- - |||). Then the assistant took off to I-don't-know-where and got him some money to pay for the stuff... Yoochun bought some toy bears.

Oh yes, Jaejoong also kept the stuff the fans gave him (which I heard was a lot... someone was really happy)."


"After they had all left, Gring [the fan] went back to the hotel, where they had had their massage, to look for the boys' masseuse.

Before they had their massage, the boys wanted to take a bath before enjoying the massage. So when they had their massage, they were all naked (oh my, naked from top-to-toe >< they didn't even have their underwear on). When they lay on the bed, the boys only had this tiny towel on top of their PP (which apparently means private part, I think?). But the masseuse said if you wanted to see it, you could.

The masseuse also said that Jaejoong had the most beautiful body of all."

Credits: Jaejoong's Baidu bar + Gring @ tvxqevent + fretfred @ LJ (Chinese-to-English translation)

Plus some pictures!

Credits: frostaz @ tvxqfic



Anonymous said...

wow >___< jaejong has d beautiful body of all. aww~ droolin >____<. The masseuse is a guy or lady? hmm... isn't it private time when they had their massage? how could the masseuse let d fans went in to watch them especially when their customers were naked? but if not d masseuse, we wont know wat happened back then hehe. anyway thx ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi would like to know if tvxq is going to open concert in singapore???

jaesa said...

omg jaejoong is so cute. hahaa. love the boys! ^^

Anonymous said...

omg that massues is soo damn lucky, i bet if it was a girl, she would hv had a MAJOR nosebleed. wait no, let be rephrase that,i think she woudlnt even hv to confident to touch them since she would be too hyped n nervous that shw wont know which part to massahe haha. oh boy, a tiny towel? i am diein here. JJ hv the best body, god, this is makin me want to turn bk time n be in thai when they had that massage haha

was the one in pink at the last pic YC or YH? i just couldnt imagine Yh wearin that jacket ahah

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