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AnyCall CF - Talk, Play, Love.. (featuring Junsu..)

I think I heard the boys talking in Iple Talk Radio how Junsu went to Brazil for some shoots or something. Here's more information on it. Plus some preview pictures! Mainly caps from the advert at this site (CLICK). Junsu looking cool there!

A preview of the CF

BoA's 'AnyBand' Commercial to Premiere Soon

Remember the rumor of a new AnyCall commercial featuring BoA? Well, the days of uncertainty are over. The rumor been confirmed to be true, and the new commercial will premiere next week in Korea.

Hankook Ilbo reports that the new advertisement campaign for Samsung AnyCall, titled AnyBand, will be unveiled in a special event on November 7. BoA is scheduled to attend the event, but it is uncertain if she will perform the new song that is featured in the commercial.

As rumored, most of the shootings were done in Brazil secretly. Tablo of Epik High, Xiah Junsu of DBSK and Jin Bora also co-star in the commercial, in which their individual talent and accomplishments are highlighted.

Now the question that everyone is asking is whether Lee Hyori's contract with Samsung, which expires at the end of this year, will be renewed or not. Hyori's past commercials, including AnyMotion and AnyClub, were all huge successes for both Samsung and Hyori herself. If Samsung decides to let go of Hyori, then this will mean that BoA will replace Hyori in perhaps the most coveted job among female entertainers in Korea.

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ahhh lately, junsu's looking so cool, even though this commercial was from a while ago ^_^
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