Sunday, March 30, 2008


Okay.. So this is way overdue and Lina's been telling I really need to do this. When my pc died on me recently, it was really tough managing a whole portion of this site on my own. I'm still very thankful for all the help that my contributors have given me.

Recently, Alicia has been added to the team as a translator. Its been such a pleasure to have her with the team. Nevertheless, I certainly could use a little more help in other areas too.

So..... I'm currently looking for a couple of people interested in joining the team. I'm not the one to push you to do your tasks or anything, but the kinda of team members that I'm looking for are those with passion. Because the passion in my DBSK fandom is the one that drove me all this while to maintain these 2 sites collectively known as DBSKer, for all the DBSK fans out there. So yeah.. I'm looking for someone who has the same passion that will drive you to contribute to other fans or non-fans out there..

Positions that I'm looking for

Uploaders (2 positions)
Preference will be given if you can download from clubbox. Basically I need help to download and upload files. Either uploading to megaupload itself or to alternative hosts like mediafire or sendspace. Erm.. Perks will be that I'll lend you the MU premium to download and upload? Haha..

Site/grapic designers (1-2 positions) - CLOSED
I think the site needs a new look? And I really could use some banners for the site.

That's all for now. Those interested can email me at Take care all and thanks for reading! ^_^



Anonymous said...

I would like to help you with the uploading. I can DL from clubbox and I have a huge collection of videos. I know how to split videos and upload.
You can find me on LiveJournal.

Ichigo said...

I would like to help you with the uploading. I have a huge loection of videos and i also have lots of time. ^^
answer to: ichigo_bony£

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Is the position for an uploader still open? I would really like to be of help. :)

I can also dl videos from Clubbox. :)
I'm also going to send an email.

DBSKer said...

YES! The position for uploader is still open! I havent got your email though.. Can I stalk you on LJ instead? LOL

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