Sunday, July 20, 2008


An old piece of news perhaps.. Credits to spiderliliez

Translation: lovekr

Sung Jiroo has recently confessed his love for Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Xiah Junsu through a video message.

On KBS’s Sang Sang Plus Season 2 due to air on the 8th, Sung Jiroo said he would like to act with Xiah Junsu. Recently Sung Jiroo reached number one on internet seach engines. Something only extremely popular stars are able to accomplish, the reason for Sung Jiroo’s number one search was all thanks to Xiah Junsu.

Xiah Junsu claimed, “If I were to act I would like to be like Sung Jiroo” in an interview that had surfaced online, which immediately made Sung Jiroo the number one searched subject on the internet.

Sung Jiroo said, “One day, all of sudden, my friends kept texting me congratulations. I was wondering what happened, so I stopped to check at a nearby internet cafe, and upon seeing ‘Xiah Junsu-Sung Jiroo’ searched I was even shocked.”

Originally not familiar with the group Dong Bang Shin Ki, he looked them up and now he says he is a fan. On the episode of Sang Sang Plus Season 2, he left a video message for Xiah Junsu saying “If there is a chance, I would like to act with you.” He ended his video message with cute “I love you!”

Sung Jiroo’s video message will be shown on Tuesday the 8th, 11:05PM on KBS’s Sang Sang Plus Season 2.

Hehe, obviously obsessive fangirls were worried who Jiroo was, no wonder he's name is the most searched today. A lot of them (girls) might have gotten a heart attack just hearing and reading the "I Love You" part coming from him. Now I don't know if they are relieved to know that Sung Jiroo is an ajusshi (older man). I even hear of extreme fangirls who would even question other TVXQ members when their favorite member gets too close to other members. It's scary.

Anyway, this article is really cute. I'm happy TVXQ members are being accepted by older people in the entertainment business. They shouldn't just cater to young audiences, but to the older generations as well.


Anonymous said...

heyhey ! Not bad . DBSK has oso become an idol for older generation .I found it funny that the fans would question members in such a way .Haha .I mean ,what do they expect ?DBSK has been tgt for so many years .They definately have to be close to one another .I cannot imagine if they are not close ...whoa !That would not be gd ):

Anw, DBSK Hwaiting !!!(:


Anonymous said...

yes they have been an idol for old people like jaejoongs foster mom!!! on dbsks mission impossible show she said that they're an idol to her and that shes proud of them......

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