Wednesday, July 09, 2008

[PV] Doushite THSK Version


Credits: zaizaif4only @ YT


yani said...

this MV reminded me of their "Lovin' You" MV. there were too little moments of DBSK. it's mostly about the story. i mean, since they already have a drama version of the song, wouldn't it make more sense to make an MV with just DBSK in it instead of adding those drama scenes? But nonetheless, the song was still beautiful, altho i noticed that they look kinda tired.

Get lotsa rest, boys! Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah.. i seen this one yesturday!! i think the guy is hot!! i wonder wat were they saying!! o.0.. but i also think that its a very good song

Anonymous said...

hey! there whole mv came out!!
here it is!! post it!!

Anonymous said...

dbsk off shot post it in

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