Sunday, July 06, 2008

[NEWS] TVXQ's "Box in the Ship": New Attraction for USJ's Hollywood Dream the Ride

Appointed Universal Studios Japan Goodwill Ambassador Tohoshinki is making it big! The group's recent track "Box in the ship" from どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう Single is used as the new song for the roller coaster Hollywood Dream the Ride. In addition, a life-size photo of the group is displayed in the Palace Theater in New York and the area inside the park. Special made rubber stamps of the five members will also be distributed at the entrance for visitors' use. This will run from July 23rd (Wednesday)-August 24th (Sunday). The designs will be modified from time to time during the period.

Info and pictures taken from: USJ Website + yurichun@blog4.fc2,
Translated by: Izy@soompi


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I don't know which Palace Theater, the one in Albany, NY or New York, NY.

Izy said...


Hi! I think it's the Park's New York Area :)

yani said...

darn and i thought there would really be a live size pix of them IN New York...damn damn damn! i was so gonna go there and take pix...sigh*

still great that they are ambassadors for USJ. they might get to go there for free. must visit Japan soon to catch them!

Anonymous said...

in new york?? dddaaaaaaaannnnnnng!! new york!!^^ =DDD

xueyan2505 said...

I havent read this news before.......OTL

How great it is !!

I searched the roller coaster Hollywood dream the ride and found that the first 3 songs which for people to listen when they are in the roller coaster are BON JOVI
「Homebound Train],EMINEM「Lose Yourself」 ,The Beatles「Get Back」

This is a real honor to be chosen as these famous songs~

Anonymous said...

hehe i was reading through this old news. so cool! XD just to clarify though, because some people are obviously confused. yes, it is in "new york", but please remember that it's still in "USJ", meaning the so-called "new york area" is inside universal studios JAPAN. ;D

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