Monday, July 28, 2008

Rumours Confirmed: Music Station refuses to accept Tohoshinki/DBSK as guests

I guess what we all thought about Music Station conspiracy was true :/

S-San (one of the Japanese staff members of Tohoshinki) made a recent post in his blog confirming the rumours about Music Station's refusal to invite DBSK into their program.

Many fans have been speculating for quite some time the reason why DBSK never appeared on the show, especially with the recent #1 on weekly Oricon (their third one, which broke a record as foreign artist with three #1s). DBSK has been consistently in the top 10 weekly in Japanese Oricon charts with their singles and last album. Music Station usually invites singers in top 10 in Oricon atleast once to perform. However, this has not been the case with DBSK, as S-San points out even with the insistence of the company to let them on fairly.

Their lack of promotions in such a major show as Music Station (it is one of the most watched shows in the country on a prime time slot) has become jarringly apparent and discussion spring up everytime they release a single as to why they are still not invited. Majority say that its because of Johnny's Entertainment stronghold on Music Station, pointing out that no bands/artists that posed a threat to that agency have ever been invited.

S-San never expicitly states the show's name, however he mentions that Tohoshinki was on the show's #1 list this week, yet still weren't given the chance to perform.

The post also explains the lack of sales of the group, owing to the fact that they are still placed in Foreign Artist category in music stores even though they should be under Jpop. Fans who recently visited Japan confirmed this. They all found it quite hard to find Tohoshinki's CDs in stores, sometimes they were not there at all. Many times, they were put under a hidden K-pop or foriegn artists section. So this really explains why sales get poor after promotions stop ... their CDs aren't in visible places where someone just browsing the jpop section can pick up and give a try listening to.

I was wondering how S-San posted about this sticky topic, knowing how hush-hush Japan usually is about these matters. He sounds frustrated, and is probably making his last desperate attempt to try to change the situation - by letting fans know what we all sort of feared existed behind the scenes (of the group not exactly getting equal oppotunity), isn't going away anytime soon. But he urges fan to do something and says that "...the store's customers will have the most impact". The fans in Japan must speak up to store managers about DBSK's CDs being put under "Foreign Artist" section instead of where they rightfully should be - under JPOP.

Brief summary/translation of his post:
He hasn't written in a while. It's been really hot in Japan and he's been thinking about various things when working.

The boys wonderfully reached #1 in the weekly singles chart with the fans' strong support.

Also the members are really happy, and their self-confidence has been boosted.

The TV-promotion continues busy this week. They're being in more shows than ever before this time, they're for the first time in 「THE M」 and 「CDTV」

T/N: I translated this part sentence-for-sentence because I think this is what interests people:

There's a certain really popular program where the boys haven't been able to appear since they've [the program] been rejecting any interest the [Avex] promotion-team's been showing that way.

The promoter in charge has been fighting hard and will keep trying. The boys have reached #1 in this program's ranking, but when it comes to the offer about guesting in the show and a performance...Even after three weekly #1s, there's nothing from that direction.

There hasn't really been any kind of an explanation offered about the issue either, but the team will keep working hard for an appearance in that show!

But if it continues like this and the inquiries keep coming from the viewers as well, how can a music program explain this kind of behaviour?

T/N: Here we go for the record store-issue:

Of course the promotion-team is striving for the best possible set-up in the stores (but obviously, so are all of the other artists' promotors as well).
It depends on every store (chain) where they put the releases; and some of the stores have the Tohoshinki in the "Foreign acts" -section instead of "Jpop".

The store's bought the CDs so naturally they can advertise it how they want to and how they think it will sell the best.

They've been trying to have some type of an agreement on this, but especially now when they changed the release date for "Kimisuki" in such a short notice, it became even harder to get the majority of the shops to put the single in the Jpop-section instead of Foreign acts.

It's better when you have time to talk to the stores way before the release and assure things, because all the things are mostly decided abour 6 months before the release already. So a date-change doesn't make things easier at all.

So they had to cancel the space reserved for the CDs in the stores for the original release week, and ask for another setting for the new week.

Of course that messes up the stores' plans and they have to be quick and get a Plan B up. And most of them decided to give the maximum exposure by putting Kimisuki in the foreign-shelves.

-more stuff about the Jpop- and world-corners in the shops-
Tohoshinki will continue releasing Jpop (with good results).

They hope that the fans will understand the managing team and the stores' policies. The team will keep working and he believes that the sales will do well during the next few weeks.

He apologizes for the long entry, but thinks that it will be useful for the people interested in the music industry in general.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Source: S-Diary -
Blog entry dated: July 24, 2008 12:41:30
Translation Credits: aleyna @ JpopMusic Forums

There really are many questions that keep popping up on the net. For example, if they really are a threat to Johnny's like many suppose, why are groups such as WaT allowed to appear on the show? Moreover, they don't promote themselves as an idol group so why should they be barred from Music Station when their target audience is quite different?

Seeing them work so extremely hard (including their staff) in a foreign industry, trying to improve their fluency and singing, travelling back and forth one city/country to another literally day after day, bascially doing all they can...yet still be treated as the underdogs when they clearly have so much VOCAL TALENT (yes - aside looks - they are actually TALENTED) and great personalities. Now I know why they felt so disheartened earlier when they mentioned they almost gave up on Japan in their Korean interview (Star Show). But they didn't give up and are still working hard, and we should all support them. At the end of the road, they will really grow and become even better as people and artists ♥ FIGHTING~

--> If you would like to read more commentary from an outside source, read the following article from Neojapanoism, by W. David Marx: Tohoshinki Rages Against the Machine.


Anonymous said...

i'm a foreigner who's living in japan rite now..and I'm also a big fan of dbsk..based on my experience living with the was pretty hard to be accepted by them..and they have a very strong competiton with each other(among japanese) when it comes to the'll be more difficult..and they'll work hard for to be always on the top of others..i'm not bashing the japanese or anybody..but most of the japanese do this kind of that's probably why our dbsk were treated like that..nway,lets continue our support for and my friends bought almost of their singles and dvds..^^

Luffa said...

Thanks for your insight, it really makes me happy to know you guys are supporting them so well in Japan! FIGHTING~ &heart;

It is difficult for ANY foreigner is ANY country to really be accepted right away. But unlike some other foreigners that have release singles/albums in Japan, DBSK seems to be having an especially hard time if you take into account how MUCH promotions they are constantly doing there and how they are not even just selling LOOKS like it is usually done in Jpop idol groups.

The Japanese fans they have are awesome! very dedicated in supporting and buying the singles! Its thanks to them and many international fans that TVXQ has been able to maintain great single debuts on Oricon weekly. My concern is that their sales drop dramatically after wards and I always wondered why. Now, we know its because stores are placing them under foreign artists section, when other "foreign artists" singing Jpop aren't (like BoA).

I don't blame the Japanese either lol, just the some things in the industry....not to say something like this can't happen vice versa in Korea.

Not to worry...hopefully our boys will grow from all of this! They will make it through! I believe in them XD

shiiri said...

I've had some suspicion on Music Station the last time i watched it..back then it was the 3 hours special and they were showing all artists fr everywhere in jpn including those fr the overseas column there's Boa and K but no THSK..i was thinking since THSk is pretty popular in jpn they should show my suspicion started fr its true..
its not uncommon for the japs to stick tightly to they own since the Korean do so too(remember the suju incident?)..
we can always count on their fans(US!) to continue to support them..even if eventually jpn seem to be an unbreakable channel., they can count on all their fans in korea n everywhere else to stick to them..i know i am.. no matter what..
DongBang Fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

This is what makes me admire and love this group. Aside from the fact that their singing and dancing is spectacular. Just reading thru the hardships that they go thru, makes me support them more. I hope these boys will keep on going. Coz they might not know but their music does touch peoples lives.

Fan Girl Mitz said...

This has been very painful for me to read. I was still holding on to the last shred of hope that Tohoshinki's non-invitation to Music Station has something to do with Avex's decision and strategy and not because of MS's refusal to let them perform.

It breaks my heart that this kind of discrimination still exists in Japan's music industry.

Daphne said...

I feel so sad for the boys after reading this update. But I know that such issue will only make the boys strive harder to prove to the world that they are truly talented.
The boys have gone real far since they first debuted in Japan. I believe that one day they will be given the proper acknowledgment that they deserve.
I believe in them and will support them always.
DBSK Hwaiting!!!

Anonymous said...

my gosh!! wat meanies! dbsk do not deserve this! after wat happened to all of them.. working too hard!! also one of my fran read another article that the reason its happening too because other entertaiments are jealous.. but we are gonna support them ALLLLL the way the best we can plus i have all there dvds., single, albums.. plus all there photo albums and there concert dvds.. i just need there new one coming up in august
dbsk dbsk HWAITING!! ^_^

sweetkimchi said...

It's shocking and it's not shocking. it's not shocking because obviously, MS or whoever's not letting them appear is intimidated by DBSK's popularity. they're afraid that they will take over them and be on top of them, so they try to prevent them to guest on the show and put their cds out of sight so their sales go down. It's just shocking how things like this is still happening. If Japan is willing to accept foreign groups to debut in their country, they(entertainment companies) should at some point be prepared that they can be on top of their own artists. They cannot underestimate foreign groups just because they're from another country. A lot of foreign groups do better than their own artists. it's not surprising. If the cassie's found out about this, they sure will do something about it. But no matter what, even if the entertainment companies in Japan prevent them in any way to appear in shows or bring their sales down, we, the fans in th rest of the world, will support them no matter what! We love them and we will always be by their side. They will keep working hard and with the help of fans all over the world, those companies will soon realize that they have been missing out on the good stuff. DBSK FIGHTING!!!!

Anonymous said...

I must say how funny it is that Tohoshinki's stuff is in the 'Foreign Section' or the k-pop section.
I went to Hong Kong recently, walked into HMV and walked around the whole thing to find tvxq in the tiny k-pop section in the corner. Tohoshinki sings in Japanese, it's for a Japanese audience and it's FREAKING JAPANESE!!! and it's still in the k-pop section. i mean, come on!
to make it worse. i went into another store, asked where the japanese section is (presuming that maybe they put them in the j-pop section), to find them in the kpop section (again...) along with a girl working there sneakily saying to her workmate that the tohoshinki cd was korean. to which i replied , 'no it's not'. I got a glare back. hehehe


Anonymous said...

It's hard for Japan to have a foreign artist topped their charts, but DBSK ain;t any threat, they are just like Exile, Lead, Winds...and JE will still be the most powerful company in music industry until lord knows how long. As long as they appear in Oricon charts, that shows DBSK still have existence and is popular.

If the situation is reverse and come popular boyband promotes in Korea or anywhere in the world, i think the korean music industry will too promote their own country's pop stars before a foreigner.

Not such a big deal, DBSK is still famous and as long as they have fangirls, don;t care if they are not being promoted in Japan. Japan has their own stars. DBSK has already shine all over Asia... so if they are not as promoted in Japan, it makes not much difference... Fans still love them, they still perform well...
That is the best of all..

Leave Japan to manage their own national stars and issues. No one in Japan can ever pull Johnny-sama down from his throne. DBSK is popular all over. isn;t that most important for fans?

Misao-san said...

I've been in Japan for about 2 months now, and I have had the experience of having trouble finding Tohoshinki's CDs in stores. I know that they are really popular in Japan, but as to why their music is hard to find and not under JPOP(LIKE IT SHOULD BE), I'm upset to really find out this information. I have been able to buy their new single in Japan, but I think that was because I had to ask the cashier where they were. but it was ok I found it, but it was the 2nd day it was released. It probably would have been hard finding it if it wasnt....

I also bought Chang Min's single in Akihabara, and to my surprise, THAT was listed under KOREAN ARTIST not JPOP! WTF. We all know they are Korean, but the have been toping most Japanese artist(I do have a lot I love) for a while now and we know why! lol I will continue to support the DBSK forever and just to note that is disappointing that some Japanese entertainment is like that. more importantly, TVXQ HWAITING !! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! ^_^

Luffa said...

I would like to throw out something else for the sake of discussion ...

I previously mentioned that if those Japanese artists came to Korea, they might get the same treatement but I didn't factor in one thing - the biggest artists in Japan such as Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, Namie Amuro, and even JE boyband ARASHI are all UNDER SM Entertainment in Korea (visit SM Ent's website and go under JPOP). So would they really be promoted less? Or barred from shows? I am not so sure about it now.

Anonymous said...

I've neva been to japan before & didn't know how bad this issue has been .OMG THSK disc being hidden in 1 corner of the shop ???!!! Isn't it been unfair to them ?I mean if japan is willing to accept THSK into the music industry and also after so many #1 they have gotten ,this shld prove how good THSK is .What for keep on pushing them down & trying to cover their popularity ?What i believe is that this will instead backfire. Because of this issue, fans will instead support THSK even more & MORE !!!

THSK !!! Don't give up !!! We fans from all over the world will continue to support you & back u up no matter what hardship you face ...Luv you Hwaiting !!! (:


Anonymous said...

Oh yah ...I forgot to add something then i realised how ignorant storekeepers are . LOL . japan cds placed under K-pop ??? Come on la !!!


dottie said...

My Anti-JAP theories have once again been proven true.

This is just pathetic, unnecessary and childish on JE's part.


Just come back to Korea where you are really, truly loved.

Anonymous said...

i think wat dottie said was kinda right.... they didn't get accepted from the first step into japan.. but of course they were accepted by the jap fans but i should also think that they should come back to korea.. since its who they are.. korean truly loves them and so do we and we don't want them to work so hard and break there backs.. but i will support them!! watever they want i also want for them too=DD

Fuu said...

Wow, this is absurd. Products should sell depending on their inherent qualities without taking in consideration their nationalities. Manipulating things this way is really dirty.

Anonymous said...

can't really do anything about it. this is what u call business.. the person who is in power has the advantage. it is being dirty or anything. This is business and you can find it anywhere in the world. If SM is powerful enough in Japan, then they can take DBSK in. it is all about business and advantages after all. Nothing too surprising about it

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who leave comment after dottie:

I do not agree with what u say about DBSK going back to korea because it is who they are .I believe DBSK should continue spreading their popularity over the whole world. They have work hard in Japan for so many years, it doesn't seem right if they just return to korea because of this incident. Wouldn't it be unfair to japan fans ?It is even more unfair to DBSK .They should instead preserve on. They are still famous no matter what happens.

I understand yr concern for DBSK about don't want them to work so hard but instead go back to Korea where fans there love them. However, every fans in the world is also sharing the same concern as u. So, in my opinion, we should instead give them even more support and encourage them not to give up. The entertainment business is tough. Since they decided to go in, they should work all the way .I'm proud of them for overcoming every obstacle so far bravely. All the more they should not give up Japan because of this .

Sry if i sounded fierce. Haha. Im just trying to state my view. Forgive me if i said anything offending. Peace (:


XiahKi said...

After ready this artical it has made me love DBSK even more. Cause instead of whining and bickering about the unfairness of it all. They basically show all the people in the entertainment buisness who are giving them a hard time that thier here and their not going anywhere. No matter how hard it is to buy thier CD(Im from Cali. lol so it is rather hard.) They'll Still be bought.
But in all fairness the music buisness strives on who gets in front of the camra first and who can stay thier the longest. I dont agree with not giving our boys a fair shot, but thats what happens when you enter someone elses taritory. You have to work twice as hard and be twice as good just to be noticed. Which are boys have proven many times over that they can succed in this challeng.
I believe Tohoshinki is a Jpop group(DBSK Kpop) and if they aren't labeled that, its because their doing something right. And thier competitors are afraid of the challeng. As fans we should use our roles in supporting them to help keep thier music on any shelf.
Tohoshinki/DBSK Fighting!<3

chloe said...

oh gosh.. after reading this post..i have so many different feelings.frustration, disappointment and really proud of them..
cant believe why japanese are still so.. selfish?
i dont mean to criticise JAPAN.. but yet again.. they always think they are more superior to anyone else.
but to tell you the truth, i dont care if dbsk's CDs are placed under k-pop or j-pop.. as long as it's them.. i believe their fans will support them, like i will.

DBSKLover said...

This is insane. That's all i can say. I'm from Canada and i ordered their newest album online and it took them so long to find it. Almost a whole week. Everytime i checked the status it said 'searching from suppliers'. This is just ridiculous. I love DBSK with all me heart... AHHH =(

JaeHo2JaeMinLuvBoth said...

Still considered foreigners..? OH COME ON!! THEYVE BEEN IN JAPAN FOR WHAT..? 2 ..3 years already?? #$%^&*(

GAH! *pulls hair out*

crazypeach said...

This is so sad...I didn't know they are experiencing things like this. I've been suspecting that Johnny's is not really in good terms with makes me more sad because I love Arashi too (which is under Johnny's)...but they are completely different! Yes they are both boybands...but their style is totally different!

That's why it would really be hard to see both of them in a show together. Huhu!

Tohoshinki FIGHT-O!!!!!!!

Yami said...

I was so mad when I found this!
I was, to say the least, livid.
MS has so many viewers and could really help TVXQ's fanbase in Japan.

But I'm also very proud of our boys for not giving up and still topping the charts.
TVXQ fans, lets continue to support our beautiful, talented, hardworking boys!

Anonymous said...

fuck johnnys entertainment, everything is their fault.

Anonymous said...

perhaps this sour-grape attitude of johnny's should change in light of such a report. it's disgusting. everyone should compete on fairer grounds. that's almost like forcing goo into one's ears and denying some gems out there from being seen.

TVXQ Hwaiting!

chikachandechuu~ said...

reading this made me sad.. BUT i dont want to BLAME or HATE anyone~
because , that's how the entertainment world goes~
who got the power, they'll win.
in this case, JE rules Japan's ent. world. we can't pretend to be blind with this fact~
and our Boys are the outsider in Japan, so they must work extra hard, and we, cassie, are surely sure that they'll make it sooner or later right?. but still it takes time. JE rules Japan for more than 20 years tho, so imagine the influence~ ^^
it's the same like, when we come to live in our friend's house, we must follow the rules in their house right? we cant always do anything we usually do at our own house~ every house has their own rules..
maybe SM will do the same in this kind of situation, if it's the other way around~ we dont know ^^

i think JE and SM do make some collab? XD hell, they're the ENt. giant in their own country~!
(Nakai with Kumi = JE and Avex , Tomoya with Ayumi = JE and Avex ----> WOW~ what a coincident~ XDD)

just be thankful that our boys already get this far (the oricon and stuff). beside, the staff also say that they wont give up, so let's just wait, adn pray, and always supporting them~

NO offense~ i LOVE DBSK too much~!
ohmygod, i'm sorry for my big mouth ^^ peace~

chikachan said...

reading this made me sad.. BUT i dont want to BLAME or HATE anyone~
because , that's how the entertainment world goes~
who got the power, they'll win.
in this case, JE rules Japan's ent. world. we can't pretend to be blind with this fact~
and our Boys are the outsider in Japan, so they must work extra hard, and we, cassie, are surely sure that they'll make it sooner or later right?. but still it takes time. JE rules Japan for more than 20 years tho, so imagine the influence~ ^^
it's the same like, when we come to live in our friend's house, we must follow the rules in their house right? we cant always do anything we usually do at our own house~ every house has their own rules..
maybe SM will do the same in this kind of situation, if it's the other way around~ we dont know ^^

i think JE and SM do make some collab? XD hell, they're the ENt. giant in their own country~!
(Nakai with Kumi = JE and Avex , Tomoya with Ayumi = JE and Avex ----> WOW~ what a coincident~ XDD)

just be thankful that our boys already get this far (the oricon and stuff). beside, the staff also say that they wont give up, so let's just wait, adn pray, and always supporting them~

NO offense~ i LOVE DBSK too much~!
ohmygod, i'm sorry for my big mouth ^^ peace~

lovemixin said...

aaah it really does make me sad reading about this T_____T im a fan of JE too but im also a huge cassie; buuuut aside from DBSK being a huge threat to the johnny boys.... it also has to do with them being foreigners... *siiiigh* it cant really be help since johnny is a big fat bizznaaatch. i just hope that things would change in the fuuutuure... aaand i hope there wont be any bad blood between any johnny groups and the dongbang boys :)

black-r0se said...

omg. this news is so depressing to read ): this was quite a shocking to me 'cause i'm new to japan music industry. tohoshinki is the 1st japanese group i really LOVE (*HERO!*). & so the first prog i've heard was also music station. it was said to be one of the most popular ones. & yet i hear such discimination from them. i think they are just kicking themselves in the ass. everyone have eyes and brain to see & think what's happening. i bet even non-tvxq fans will notice too. & they are just simply childish if they think that preventing tvxq from making appearances or making their albums hard to find will reduce their popularity. WE, AS FANS, WILL MAKE NOISE (LIKE NOW). ROARS. & then, manymany ppl will know, & they will only disgrace themselves. TOHOSHINKI FIGHTING! i think they shouldn't leave japan. they should stay & FIGHT ON. i'm sure they will win! BIGEAST will back them up! & so will all of us here, right? just like what hero said on heroine 6, "CASSIOPEIA, SHOW THEM THAT YOU ARE UNDEFEATED!!" WOOOO! HWAITING!

P.S: & please come to singapore? ):

Anonymous said...

When there's a monopoly, the one holding the power is bound to be seen as oppressive. However, unlike Korea, Japan does not view popularity in terms of whose fans scream the loudest. They see popularity in terms of who sell the most. While DBSK has gotten three no. 1s on the Oricon charts, the actual numbers are still far behind some JE artists. Hence, shows that rely heavily on the JE star power will not risk angering the boyband giant for the sake of ONE foreign boyband who can't rival the popularity of so many JE groups added together.

And if you want to argue, let's look at actual facts. Arashi is currently holding the record for best selling singles for 2008. They occupy both the number one and two spots. KAT-TUN, Yamashita Tomohisa, Shuji to Akira have singles that sold over a million copies.

The link will take you to a page where they list 2007's top 100 best selling singles. Notice the number of JE artistes on the chart.

The media industry is a business. And which businessman or woman will give up all these for DBSK?

To put it plainly, no. Because they have not won, in terms of sales and selling power. No tantrums, no feedback, no violence will change that fact. Only fans buying cds will.

Also, to those who talk about kicking up a big fuss so that people will notice how unfair DBSK has been treated in Japan, that is just going to reflect negatively on DBSK. In Japan, when fans behave badly and cause trouble, the blame will fall on the idols themselves, because the fans can't even respect their idols enough to behave themselves. This has already turned off many fans and will turn off more, not to mention potential allies in the industry as well.

Anonymous said...

To be quite honest, when i first read about this awhile ago, i was taken back frm JE. they really upset me. I mean come one, bands under JE sell 200,000+ copies a WEEK! thats crazy. Why shud they be threatened? And if they are truely threatend or scared that Toho wud be making those 200,000+ sales, just proves how AWESOME talented Thoshiniki really are. (to be blunt too, THSK are no macth to them when it comes to talent. no one can even argue about that) their teh bomb!

As for the drop in sales, i noticed that too. When u check on the Oricon charts on wiki, u will see that after the frist week of releasing their singles it drops DRAMATICALLY. Like, frm number 1 to number 25?........need i say anymore? just proves that its all true.

At the end of the day, look at it this way. Even with the lack of promotion, not being able to appear on MAJOR tv programs. And being put in a far corner of a music stor. They still, Still make it to number one =')
They are without any doubt. THE most hard working, patient and awesome boyband out there.

DongBangShinKi, we beleive in you guys! You'v got fans all over the place, Cassiopia/BigEast/TheRestOfTheWorld supporting yew. SO KEEP ON FIGHTING! (^o^)o
We all love yew~

OH! and to all of us fans :3 lets all pre-order their next japanese single, eh? ;3 (oh and i forgot to mention, that not all stores sell records are counted in the Oricons sales D; so make sure the site u order frm supports the Oricon)

PeaciePeace frm Teh Pixie (^_^)v

Anonymous said...

omg look what i just read!

"And one more question I actually seen close to none promotion for them. No posters in Shibuya, no radio shows (they only have one as far as I know). Can’t really say that I’ve seen them on TV either, which is strange. I’m following most of the main music shows, and I think I’ve only seen them on CD TV. Possibly one more show, but don’t remember the name of it right now. Could this mean that Johnnys Jimusho is trying to prevent them from getting any coverage at all?"

that was frm a japanese person!
no posters of them in Shibuya?...if ur a hot star shibuya is ur place to be. why anrt THSK their? weird~
wow......i cant say anything other than Thoshinki...u are truley TRUELY amazing. and deserv every ounce of fame u have. Keep it up. cause were always here for ya'z!

Ugh this is so frustrating ~_~; its making me more determand to buy their japanese cd's

TVXQ Dreamer Forum