Friday, July 18, 2008

[VIDEO] DBSK in New Anycall HAPTIC Cellphone Commercial (SUB)

Just released, the new Anycall Haptic commercial!

These are all 3 commercials in one:

Thanks to mickytoho for uploading.

Samsung's Anycall HAPTIC cellphones rival (and maybe even excel) those of Apple's iPhones.

I have read that industry experts think the HAPTIC cellphones are even better than an iPhone, as HAPTIC has the touch and feel/react technology iPhone does not.


­If you thought the Apple iPhone was amazing, then feast your eyes -- and fingers -- on this phone from Samsung. Dubbed the Anycall Haptic, the phone features a large touch-screen display just like the iPhone. But it does Apple's revolutionary gadget one better, at least for now: It enables users to feel clicks, vibrations and other tactile input. In all, it provides the user with 22 kinds of touch sensations.

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Anonymous said...


jaejoongies was sad....T^T but he looked really good in the cf ^ ^
(dun cry jj i'll give you a big huggy~~~~~ >.<)

seriously how CUTE is the HoSu??
the hands clasp is sooo much love<333333!!!!
and yunnie puffing out his cheeks and looking all shy and kyaa!! CUTE!

they look good~~~~
heeheee guys drenched in sweat is suppper HAWT!!!! >////<

i want the blue one~~~
coz i like blue and i like jj....

biased much?

Anonymous said...

OMG ! this ad looks even cooler than before (: yunho and junsu showed their sweet side as usual .haha .But the best part was micky & changmin !!! They are so awesome ! honestly, it was abit of a blur though .The action was so fast ,i actually could not grasp who was who at 1st .I saw micky then suddenly caught another glimpse of changmin .haha .It was still wonderful though .They showed off their cool side *.*


Anonymous said...

omg!!! i love all there parts!!! yunho and junsu looks so cute!!! and jaejoong looks so hott!!!! all of them matches there part.. especially jaejoong.. he matchs his part because he looks like he has that evil face.. u know what i mean? yeah.. but they all rock!^^

Anonymous said...

Jaejoong, I love thee! awwww:( HoSu was soooo cute!!! and Yoomin was hothothothothot!!!

I want the blue one, too. Also cause im biased ^,~

xueyan2505 said...

ah ah~~I love jaejoon's too~!!!
the atmosphere is really good,and jaejoon looks really beatiful~~

yoonho and junsu are so cute~~

yoomin,you two are the best CP,ha ha ha ha

chloe said...

wahh.. so damn... elegant!? haha
wth.. it just looks really nice.

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