Wednesday, November 12, 2008

[VID] Wrong Number MV Released


Watch the first Live performance streaming in HQ


Anonymous said...

Im definitely spazzing.. lol.. Yet another hot dance from DBSK. JJ rapping... lol ITS CUTE!

Maximulove said...

I love it! omg! It's amazing! yay! Micky's hair is back to normal and I love the little dance at 0:52! Go Changmin!

Lily said...

omg...lovin' it...'s all about Yunho & JJ in this MV though :-)

rennie said...

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! so good. I love Jaejoong's rapping part...and yunho in the tub...>....< Fill my fangirl fantasies!! whoot!

good job dbsk!!!!!!!!!

jj.madness said...

aHHHHHH they are killin me. i luv it when our boys are serious cuz they look sooo damn manly and seductive. dont u think guys look EXTRA sexy when they are sort of like mad/serious?

YC's face when he threw the book was..AHH my heart stop beatin lol YH, why? how am i goin to live now that i cant see ur abs anymore? evil.our umma is sooo hot when he was layin on the ground (makes me want to jump on him lol) Min looks so hot when he was sayin "reset reset".JS's stare at the parkin lot was soo ^^

Jessica said...

teehee Yunho in the tub, I had to comment on that, I'm sorry ;D

I don't care if all of them look hot, I will always consider xiah and minnie my cuties ^-^

Mels2DBSK said...


Lili said...

i love the dance, too!

Anonymous said...

I love this MV!!!!!!!!!!!
wahkakakakakaka yunnie in the tubbie!!! kyaaa!!!!
i think i died when i saw that ah!!!!

i was waiting for sooo long to see joogie rap!!!!!!!!!!!
so cute~~~
and susu in the car *spazzes*
chunnie and his amazing acting!!!
when he threw the book and threw his head up i swear my heart stopped and i was like *o*

Minnie is soo cute~~~
i wanna squish him ah~~~

i love this Mv!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

im so surprised it was jaejoong who rap. i jus bought the cd nt long so i still hvent realli noe 100% who sing which part. However! im very sure i can recgonise who is singing which part (:

the mv is totally awesome! Although i gotta admit i didnt exactly feel anything seeing yunho in the tub. Cause i expected he would be the one doing the role. (i wonder will i get punch for saying this.. T.T no offense yunho's fans! I neva sae he is nt hot. He still is =P )

i found it funny that the phone used in changmin's part looks like the home phone that i can find in my aunty hse. Hehe. He looks so COOL !!!

Each time yoochun stare at the camera i could hv gasp. haha. His expression is totally awesome. I jus luv it =P

TVXQ Hwaiting !!!


Anonymous said...

doesn't anyone realise that this wrong number is of a different version than the album?

ANGEL said...

I TOTALLY LOVE THEIR DANCING AND OUTFITS!! those silver boots are so hot :D

Lily said...

yeh, I've noticed but love it all the same ;-)

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