Saturday, November 15, 2008

[INFO] MKMF Results - DBSK Takes 5 Awards

MKMF has been wrapped up and DBSK took home FIVE of the Awards including Best Album of the Year!!!

Among the awards won are:

1. MKMF Auction Best Style Award
2. MKMF Mobile Popularity Award
3. MKMF Auction Netizen's Choice Award
4. MKMF Overseas Viewer Award
5. MKMF BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Daesang for album)

Changmin cried! Some pictures of him crying..

Performance Links

My Addiction Special Intro
Mirotic Live Show
Wrong Number



JieSin said...

changmin don cry~~~

Lily said...

well done to the boys and once again their performances were flawless...loved it!!

Zoe said...

congratulations! thaught Micky will be crying but is Changmin turn. Hehe....fighthing TVXQ! :)

totalpwn4g3 said...

oh my gosh. that mirotic was freaking AWESOME

Anonymous said...

congratulation! changmin cry?!!
this is the precious moment for tvxq

Anonymous said...

Whoa! i was taken aback by those pics.. i knew changmin always kept his tears in his eyes but never let them flow out. but this round he cried! I guess he really put in so much effort in this..changmin Hwaiting!!!

yoochun comforted him..haha... nw tats a swop in role for once =P

congrats TVXQ !!! (:


Anonymous said...

Aw, it's nice to see that side of Changmin. Congratulations! :) I Yoochun would be the one crying, too.

Lili said...

awww changmin~♥
he's so precious ^^
i'm surprised that he was the one who broke down, though. i thought it'd be yoochun.

congrats to the boys!

Anonymous said...

i jus watched the performance links..quite disappointed that changmin didnt did a solo dance like the rest.. haha :D

im not only proud that they won the best album award but im oso very proud that most of them didnt sing off tune during their performance. HEHE ..changmin's voice was super power & yoochun';s voice was just..perfect =P

once again congrats TVXQ!!! Fans everywhere love u guys (: Keep up the good work!!!


Belinda said...

i'm glad they won, i was totally tearing when changmin was crying and when they bowed their heads, DBSK, glad they came back! =D

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