Monday, November 17, 2008

[VOTE] MNet Countdown

Please vote for DBSK at MNET Countdown! (They are currently 2nd)
To vote:
Ends on 18/11/08. You can vote once a day.

To register:
Just click on foreigner and follow the instructions.


Kolee said...

Your link to vote is not working, please fix. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

its tough to sign up cus i do nt noe wad they r asking or saeing. the entire website is in korean. cn anybody translate & teach us step by step in hw to vote for TVXQ ? Thanks (:


JieSin said...

register now..but still donno which area for vote..please teach...thanks..

Neha said...

This sucks! I have no idea what they're saying! URGHH!! I need to learn korean...

JieSin said...

i knoe how to vote already.
1. u need to register 1st. click the link, got 4 boxes, click the foreigner box.After tht , tick all to accept, fill up ur detail.( to get Authentic No. just enter ur email n click the CERTICICATION, they wil sent the code to ur email..)
2.complete register just click the link tht aleady gave to vote!!

hope my explain are useful...
i knoe it is last minute, cos i try it long time already!! >.<

Anonymous said...

im so grateful to the person who done this video. THANK U SO MUCH! i had to follow closely to every step or else i would be so has been a great help to me. Let us vote for TVXQ~~ ^^


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