Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wrong Number Live at Inkigayo 08/11/30

I know I don't usually post performance videos but this was one deserved it. It was one their best performances vocally - sounded exactly like the original only it was LIVE. Loved the suits too! (Check out Changmin's wry smile after his lines XD)


Ruby said...

I love their suits. Love this song and their performance. Too bad they didn't win, I wish they could of.

Anonymous said...

why changmin always smile afer he say "reset, reset"?what's so funny about reset..?

Belinda said...

i love it. =D

Anonymous said...

i totally agree. They didnt sing off-key this round.

PERFECT! *clap clap*

changmin's smile sure is cute XD


trypanophobic said...

i love minnie's smirks after each of his lines. so damn sexy and suggestive. hahhaa. i love this perf. its perfect

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