Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fanfic - DBSKer's Choice

Okay.. So I admit I haven't read much fanfic. One of the reasons is probably because reading stories from the computer screen isn't exactly one of my favourite past times. Give me a book to curl up in bed with any day. Argh!! What's with my rambling. Lemme get straight to the point..

Well, a new friend of mine, Solo's Cry, who writes fanfic, has been so diligently advertising DBSKer that I'll return her the favour here. I think this is really the first fanfic I've read which makes me feel attached to the characters and craving for more! Personally I do like her style of writing which includes humour in it. I can't wait till Solo's Cry finishes the whole series!! Its just so addicting! (To me, at least!) So if you're into fanfic, do head to the links below!

Basically its a story based on the Movie "She's All That". But lemme post her description/introduction to the story just in case I don't do justice to it. Hehe..
(Note: This based on yaoi concepts of Jaeho & Yoosu.. So if those pairings aren't your cup of tea, maybe the story isn't too.. But seriously, it was a fun read..)


Straight school heartthrob, Jung Yunho, makes a bet with his best friend, Park Yoochun. A bet that will ultimately prove his worth. What happens when Yunho starts to fall for his bet? And what will happen when the bet finds out it’s a bet?! Will there ever be a happy ending for this mismatched couple? Hail to the Homecoming King and Queer... er... Queen.


This story is based on the American Comedy movie “She’s All That” (yeah, the one with Freddie Prince Jr.) <3.

#Solo's Cry#

He's All That
[Part One]
[Part Two]
[Part Three]
[Part Four]
[Part Five]
[Part Six]
[Part Seven]
[Part Eight]
[Final Part] OUT!!!
More to come..


p/s: Strictly no unkind criticisms..


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Patty said...

nicely written! keep 'em coming! can't wait to read the rest! :-D

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