Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lovin' You MV/PV


Okay.. So I was really looking forward to this MV considering that its been quite a while since their last MV which was.. Choosey Lover? Oh.. Okay.. so maybe it wasn't that long ago. But it sure felt long to me. Such anticipation for this MV as Lovin' You is currently such a favourite song of mine. I must say though that I'm rather disappointed with the MV. I shall put some screencaps first before I tell you why..

See those scenes of DBSK above? That's about all you get to see of them. Maybe just a slight bit more. The rest of the MV is about this dumb couple. I don't know if the story would touch any of your hearts. But it didn't touch me. Maybe if someone elaborated a different interpretation of the story I might change my mind. My version says, dumb girl dumped guy but cried her eyes out in regret when he got hit by car. Worse was, I wanted to see DBSK! Not the couple.. After such deprivation of MVs from them, out comes an MV that hardly has 2 minutes of them in the whole 6 minutes of the full MV. I call that disappointing.. T__T

Anyway, for those of you who want to download the MV. I have 2 version. MQ and HQ. Seriously, to me there isn't much difference between the two versions. They're pretty much equally good in quality except the HQ file is HUGE. Nearly 250MB. Your choice of which to download. Here are the links.

Lovin' You MV
MQ (90MB)
HQ (241MB)
+ Audio Rip from MV
(Also available in the download post)

You can watch it HERE and sing along with its lyrics.



Anonymous said...

totally can related to your comment
I find the MV total a dragg!!!!

Thanks for the links.

eventhough the MV a dragg but the music, God it sooooooo touchy!!!!!1


Pyin said...

haha!! totally agree with ya!!here.. the MV is soo slowww but they make the guys dreamy enough... ^^

and yunho's lost weight..O_O

overall.. i wish they were more DBSK scenes than the slow-moving-couple... ><

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