Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mnet 21c (Director's No Cut Version)

English subbed? YES! Once again thanks to Ginaya. So here are the links. As usual, I haven't watched them myself. So no commentaries. Just links. Here ya go.. Enjoy! Will update when the new ones are out.

[Part 1]
[Part 2]
[Part 3]
[Part 4]
[Part 5]
[Part 6]



Anonymous said...

OMG. I loooove Ginaya HAHAHA!!! I swear she has provided me with DBSK crack for like... gah!!!! I don't even know @_@!!! <333

AmmaaaaZiiiing <333 ^_^!!! Okies!!!

HAHAHA!!!! Gonna run now >_< !

-Solo's Cry haha!!

DBSKer said...

HAHAHAA!!!! I LOVE GINAYA TOO!!! Thanks for dropping by!!


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