Friday, May 04, 2007

10,000 Visits!

YAY! DBSKer's Archive had hit 10,000 visits! As a gift for all of you who helped contributed to the number of visits by visting faithfully, I've uploaded some DBSK Photobook & Storybook goodies as gifts for you! Hope you all love it and will continue supporting DBSKer and its sister Archive in the many days to come!

The 1st Photo Book - Travel Sketches in Los Angeles
7 Videos:
City Of Angels
Let's Play
Stage in L.A
Image Diary - Xiah Junsu
Image Diary - U-Know Yunho
Image Diary - Micky Yoochun
Image Diary - Hero Jaejoong
Image Diary - Max Changmin

The 2nd Photo Book - Summer Paradise in Borabora
2 Screensavers
5 Wallpapers
4 Videos:

2nd Photobook Activity
Hi Ya Ya MV Sketch
Image Diary

The 3rd Photo Book - The Prince in Prague
133 Pictures
1 Video (English Subbed)

The 1st Story Book - 'Hug'
2 Pictures
1 Screen Saver
4 Videos:
01 Intro
02 Jacket Sketch
03 Special Clip
04 Hug MV

The 2nd Story Book - 'The Way U Are'
35 Pictures
2 Wallpapers
1 Screensaver
10 Videos:
01 Intro
02 Jacket Sketch
03 Taiwan Promotion
04 Samsung "Yepp" & Surprise Party for Micky
05 F Concert with Cassiopeia
06 My Little Princess MV
07 My Little Princess (Acapella) MV
08 Hotmail MV
09 Drive MV
10 The Way U Are MV
The 3rd Story Book - 'TVfXQ! Special Photo Essay in L.A'
4 Wallpapers
10 Videos

Miduhyo MV 1
Miduhyo MV 2
Whatever They Say MV
Album Jacket Sketch (Miduhyo)
Album Jacket Sketch (Tri-Angle)
Music Video Jacket Sketch (Hug)
Music Video Jacket Sketch (The Way U Are)
Music Video Jacket Sketch (I Believe In You)

(Note: Content is not guaranteed to be entirely complete. Its just what I've managed to compile from different resources. Something is better than nothing, I say..)

I just realised I named this post wrongly. But weirdly, no one pointed it out to me. *Shrugs* Haha.. What a moron I was. Anyway, its corrected now. So past embarassments shall be forgotten... Haha..)



Anonymous said...

Wow omedeto ne for the @10,000 visitor. And A BIG WOW........ for the background love the boys in white,,,,, ^___^

Thank you for all the gifts you are super kinds


Ping said...

soo cool!!! never seen these clips before.. and the background.. *DROOLS*.. haha..

thanx for updating us with DBSK news!!! * HUGS *

Chantel said...

hi! thanks for uploading all these stuff ! but i can't download from this : 2nd Story Book - 'The Way U Are' i dont know why...

DBSKer said...

Oh? That's weird.. The links seems to work fine for me. Is it just that link or are all the others the same?

Anonymous said...

guy's could u please upload it in yousendit or sendspace or any other except for the MU T_T cuz it doesn't work with me :( please
thanx in advance

annie said...

can you put think links on a different server? like mediafire or something b-c the megaupload doesn't work for me.

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