Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Heat-Wave 여름 뜨거움

Stumbled across this in Wikipedia under TVXQ's Discography. A new summer single perhaps? Sure can't wait for it to be out. Will update as soon as promo pics are released.

Heat-Wave 여름 뜨거움
Release Date: July 06, 2007
Language: Korean

o1. Heat-Wave
o2. 10 Questions
o3. Phantom (Hip-Hop Remix)
o4. Heat-Wave (Instrumental)
o5. 10 Questions (Instrumental)



Anonymous said...

:O! Seriously can't wait for it to be out. Thanks for notifying, wouldn't have found out if i didn't visit the page xD

Anonymous said...

they still aren't sure if this is true or not
but if its true then i really cant wait

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