Monday, June 11, 2007

DBSK in Dream Concert 2007

I'm a little late in posting this.. But I've been just too busy. So just some links and some pictures this time. After this, I'm declaring a BIG break from posting till the 25th of July. Need to prepare for a tough important exam. So whatever posting will depend on how hardworking my contributors are gonna be. *wink*

Downloads will continue to be added albeit at a slower pace. So bear with me..

With that, here goes DBSK IN DREAM CONCERT 2007!!!!


HAHA.. I know I'm biased in posting more Junsu pics.. Tried to control myself though..


Opening (DBSK Cut)
Ending T__T

And of Course... (*drum rolls*) O-Jung Ban Hap Performance!!!

Plus.. Some Fancam Links..

Harudal Performance (Fancam)
The Way U Are + Balloons (Junsu Fancam)
The Way U Are Rehearsal (Fancam)
Changmin Fancam
Micky Fancam
The Way U Are (Yunho Fancam)

I haven't watched any of these.. Just compiled some here and there for you all who may not have the links. Sorry couldn't find any Jaejoong ones yet.

ADIOS YOU GUYS!! Will miss DBSKer so much!


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