Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Translated by skittles xp.Credits to Soompi

Just being with you guys makes me happy.Although we are still immature, through your support we were able to work harder.We will work on our singing, performances, and Japanese to stay with you forever.I really love it! ^^-YooChun

What we were all waiting for: our live performance.(무도관 – it’s supposed to be some sort of dance club, but that wouldn’t make sense.) This isn’t our last, but a new start. I was about to cry a couple of times. T.TThank you for your warm support.We will try harder from now on to provide you with good music.Please keep on watching us.-JaeJoong

We are finished with our last live performance.I feel great, but also a bit lonely because our tour is over.Because today’s stage was ours, I felt that it was a critical moment. (I’m pretty sure this translation is wrong, because I don’t get what he’s trying to say)Thank you for loving us, even though our Japanese isn’t proficient. -ChangMin

Thank you so much for today.Through your support, we felt very warm.To be honest, learning Japanese was tiresome, but through your warm support we were able to make it this far.We are always thankful. -Junsu

Our 2nd Live Tour Five in the Black is finished.We had a happy tour through the many episodes that happened.It is a memory that will never be forgotten.When we were leaving the stage, I felt your support and cried tears of joy a couple of times. I believe we became one through our laughter and happiness.Thank you so much!!-YunHo

We will continue to try hard, so we ask for your support!!-Dong Bang Shin Ki

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