Wednesday, June 13, 2007

'S' Magazine

So I cheated my break to post this. BUT ITS JUST TOO IRRESISTABLE!!! Two of my most FAVOURITE (arguably..) pictures of the year!!! *sigh*

SM releases "S" Magazine

This I know most of you have probably seen..

BUT the next picture should be new!!!

I was muddled a little by the random standing. Looking for Junsu but ended up seeing Yunho instead. Ahh.. Yes.. I look to the left 1st always in all the DBSK Group pictures. Hehe..

SM Entertainment, where singers like BoA, TVXQ! and KangTa are under contract, is set to release a magazine called “S” on June 20.

In the first issue, where TVXQ! is on the cover, TVXQ!’s recent condition, BoA’s theme interview, KangTa’s music talk, Super Junior’s summer fashion advices and TSZX the Grace talking about cooking will be featured. Other stars like Oh Man Suk will be in the magazine too.

Source: KBS World + Newsen + ntluv @ bww2


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