Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ittda Eopda? (True or False?)

I stumbled upon this in a forum,no idea whether is it true or false..

If the print is too small for you to read,it said:
(About Yoochun stay in the hospital on his birthday

There were rumours saying that Yoochun was staying in the hospital on his birthday so we went to check with the japanese fans.The conclusion from what they told is:
Yoo chun stu,bled upon a performance in Shinkai and injured his waist.Although it's not very serious,it must be very painful ><

Simple treatment and rest is of course given to him but it's not some news telling that Yoochun had major asthma attack and need to stay in hospital.Even Japanese fans didn't heard of such news.If there are such news,they'll tell evryone ASAP.So please don't be sad or worried about him.

Hopefully all of them will stay healthy throughout the tour and all the time)

Just as what the above said,we at DBSKer hope that our boys will stay healthy all the time!!

Credits:Soompi & TVFXQ World

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